I hit an emotional gusher in my personal development time this morning. I used to feel guilty when I was in school about not wanting to work, mostly because I felt it was an odd feeling.

But how on earth would I find time to do all the amazing things that are possible with life if I spent all my God-given hours ‘working’?

I never knew that there were others like me with the exact same feeling

Well, I finished school and embarked on a 3 – 5 year plan to eliminate the need for me to ever work again, signed up with an exclusive travel club, started my home-based business and Future By Design was born.

So I just concluded reading a book this morning, ‘The joy of Not Working‘ by Ernie J. Zelinski, and at the end of the book I found lots of personal experiences and written testimonies of people who made that shift and how much more enriched their lives have become. Add this to the several friends I’ve made in different countries on the several vacations I’ve been within the last 24 months, and how their stories of fun, freedom and fulfillment inspire me.

Me and Dad in Italy

So excuse my emotional rush, but I just feel amazingly good to read about so many people who have reached the end of the journey I just started some months ago and to know that my dreams of total financial independence and pursuing my passion are actually possible and will come to pass very soon.

If I follow the way of easiness I risk spending the rest of my life satisfying the wish of someone else. This way is the synonym of renunciation, resignation, compromise, frustration, regrets, and remorse. Unfortunately, it is the easiest way to follow; society has drawn it for me – Michael Roche

I also pulled out this line from the book,

Most people go to their graves regretting things they haven’t done. The easiest way to become one of them is by joining society’s chorus instead of singing your own songs.

That will NEVER be me!

Adeposi Okupe

I will travel the world in my youth. .
I will go on amazing adventures .sail the seas, go on hiking trips and excursions . .
I will write books, compose songs, create inventions and designs that will better humanity and I will do all these not because I have to but because that’s what I get a kick out of doing.

I’ve decided to sing my own songs and so I invite, and even challenge, you to do the same. Life is so much more fun on the other side of ‘working’.

It’s your life . . .Make it worth living!
Adeposi Okupe

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