This is why I can’t look back. It’s why quitting isn’t an option, why success for me is not merely a WISH but a DEFINITE MUST!

It’s simply because my vision is right in front of me, staring me in the face.
I wake up every morning to see the picture smile at me, and its beautiful; it kisses me when i go to bed at night, prompting me to push a little harder, persist a little longer, stretch a little more and its just right there. . not too close that its within my grasp but not too far that i cant stretch to grab it!

So I set my eyes like a flint towards my goal, and while in the eyes of many I may have arrived, I just know that I’m only working hard so i can be a little wiser, faster, and stronger today than i was yesterday, perhaps I can leave the world a little better than i met it! ‪


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