What’s the point?

What’s the point of doing something without zeal?
What’s gain is there to work without passion?

If you had a choice, what would you rather be doing with your time? (and don’t tell me ‘sleeping’; that’s not an action, that’s a state of unconsciousness).

If your heart’s not in it, then why do it at all?
Where your treasure is, there lies your heart; and you will only be fulfilled when you are doing something you place value on.

What do you wake up thinking about? Do you even wake up thinking about anything?
What’s that dream/ goal that occupies you thoughts?
What is that vision that tugs at your heart and is the object of your focus?

May I let you know that suspending that goal while pretending to be busy with life and its challenges may give you a shocking blow many years down the line because that day when you sit down and evaluate how you have spent your years, no matter how much money you have amassed (if you do), it will be plain to you whether you wasted your years serving someone’s purpose or if you spent them fulfilling yours.

At that point, it will not be about how wealthy you have become, it will be about how much value you have added to people; how many lives you have changed during the course of your fulfilling your purpose!

At that point, the meaning of success will not be in tangible things, it will be in the indelible marks you have left upon peoples’ lives.

We need more people to not merely work for an income, but to work for purpose.

Have a thoughtful day!


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