What Women, Success and Money Have In Common… And How To Have Them All

Written by on January 10, 2018

In 2012, just as I was rounding off my Masters Degree in Architecture, I started my 2nd business – my first contact with direct sales and marketing.

In 3 short months, I built up a sizable team and commission payouts and really began to appreciate how life could be really different in 3 to 5 years.

More, money, more freedom, more options….Just more.

The other thing I saw…

Money had wings and could fly, but interestingly it seemed to be intelligent enough to choose to fly only in certain directions.

I clearly saw how some people hustled and struggled day and night doing the same business, same product, same opportunity, same compensation plan but never made a single profit…

While some others had an entirely different story. They came in, got under the right training and mentoring, committed to insane levels of action taking for 3 months, and they just seemed to break out into a new level of wealth and influence.

There’s something about money that has it choosing to reward only a very few percentage of people, even for the same amount of work.

And there’s something about 3-month sprints/ 90-day blitzes! I’ll touch on this later in this article.

Now what does this have to do with women?

I’ve seen ladies leave relationships or even separate with their husbands for this same reason.

This is not about money, but this factor that usually determines if one is successful or not, shockingly also affects the quality of their relationships with the opposite sex.

Okay, I’ve held out long enough on this factor.


Money loves Speed, and women do too.

In fact, Success only rewards people who are moving fast.

Here’s a quick simple example.


If it takes you 6 months to finish a project for N1 million naira, and it takes me 4 weeks to finish the same task, who is going to be more successful? Who is going to be richer?

You see, life, success, relationships are never about that one breakthrough gig or moment. It’s about consistency.

And you can never be stable in slow motion. Never.

Have you tried riding a bicycle in slow motion? You can’t. There’s a minimum speed you have to be moving at just to attain stability.

If you are a guy and it seems like you are having problems with dating and relationships, this is one area you should check.

Women are attracted to money and success. Of course, even men are!

But the attraction is something deeper than money. It’s progress.

Money is just a consequence.

Nobody wants to be stuck in a sinking boat. You always want to be sure that you are going somewhere and that you will get there.

Remember that guy that always comes around every now and then, still on the same spot, begging for some change to enter public transport a certain place, do you every realize he never leaves the bus stop.

If you keep looking for handouts, you will find it very difficult to make progress in anything you do.

You will find it hard to sustain a healthy relationship, because whether you are rich or not, a good woman will stay with you if you have ambition and discipline, and she will run away if you lack either of them.

Sorry to say, but even if you are on the right track, you can still get run over if you are moving too slow.

In business, taking massive action and compressing time is the key to unlocking your breakthrough.

In my last article, I talked about setting your goals, creating an action plan and breaking them down into daily routines…

The catalyst to massive success is to compress your activities into a short time frame, so you can achieve more in less time.

That’s called leverage. And the only way you can achieve leverage when you are a one man band or a small group is by compressing time frames.

If you are big and have the means, you can outsource, delegate and hire more hands (and still compress time frames for that extra oomph!)…

But when it’s only you and your laptop, you need to 10X your action.

Gain some speed, and success will begin to stalk you.

It all starts out with a documented action plan. Now you’ve got to make sure that you have this nailed down perfectly, because what good is climbing up a ladder to the top of a building if you eventually find out that you climbed the wrong building?

That’s where I come in.

If you need help crafting a unique action plan for your business, and the support, inspiration, and accountability to make it happen, I am taking on a few new coaching clients this month.

I can only take 10 new clients because I want to make sure I spend enough time working you through your goals, action plan, bursting limiting beliefs, and putting you on track for speed this year.

So you can go “0 – 100 real quick” with real results and money in the bank and leave others in the dust trying to find their feet on their own without the right help.

Once the 10 slots are gone, I will close the doors to the Business Builder Coaching Program so I can focus on delivering insane value and helping you lift off and make it happen this year.

For more details, Send an email with subject ‘Business Builder Program’ to posi@adeposiokupe.com and let me know.

See you at the bank!

Adeposi Okupe

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Making life worth living!

PS: All I ask for is 90 days. ‘Why 90 days’, you ask?

From historical evidence and results, people who commit to taking massive action in blocks of 90 days at a time usually experience quantum leap in their results.

That is why it is now adopted globally by transformation experts, coaches, personal development gurus, trainers, organizational leaders, etc.

You can google it.

If you ask me, I simply think it gives you enough time to prove whether you are serious about your goal or not.

It is enough time to show if you are disciplined enough to consistently follow through on a plan of action for a period of time, because that it what it takes to create success.

90 days it not too long, and it is not too short. It is just enough to create results and can be repeated.

So all I ask if for you to commit for 90 days.

Once you sign up for the Business Builder Coaching Program,
we start out with a 1-on-1 discovery session to re-calibrate, pull our your WHY, dispel your limiting beliefs and tap into your inner strength to create the success you desire this year.

To reserve a spot in the program, Send an email with subject ‘Business Builder Program’ to posi@adeposiokupe.com before the slots get sold out.

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