The most effective way to build your business online or offline is to LEAD WITH VALUE!
People are tired of salespeople and pitching. Nobody gets on social media or opens their email address looking for a sales pitch.

The right way is to consistently put out value to your followers and your email list if you have one and not only will they begin to know, like and trust you; they will want to BUY WHATEVER YOU ARE OFFERING.

We only buy products from people we know, like and trust. And people will join you because of YOU and not because of your business.

This is what makes between marketers who struggle and those who easily recruit hundreds of people online.
This is what is known as attraction marketing. The advantage of this method of business is that you attract those who are interested in you, and who are likely to have the motivation to duplicate what you are doing. Because you have already built and nurtured a relationship by constantly providing value to them, they will naturally honor that relationship by buying from you. I’ll expand on this in subsequent blog posts.

So from today, start leading with value.

This is as easy as posting inspirational messages, lessons that will benefit others and generally giving people clues as to where you are going in life for a start. You don’t have to be a top income earner to lead with value.

Start by teaching what you know and have learnt. People will start to recognize you as an authority and an expert in your niche and that’s the root of value-based sponsoring.

Did you get some VALUE out of this post, if so comment below and share this piece of value with others!

Make life worth living!

Adeposi Okupe

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