I was watching an interview of one of my surrogate mentors, Ray Higdon, with Eric Worre where Ray was sharing how he went from foreclosure and financial mess in mid 2009 to $40,000 monthly income 4 months later in his Network Marketing Business applying a simple strategy. As we know, the fear of Rejection is one of the biggest obstacles of many reps in Network Marketing and Sales in general but I just found out that you can actually turn this monster on its head and use Rejection to Explode Your MLM Income.

So Ray said he read a book called Go For No: Yes is the Destination, No is how you get there. The book teaches that instead of setting goals for how many ‘Yes’s you want to get, you rather set goals for how many No’s you want to get and you focus on getting as many Nos as possible as fast as you can. Well, I got really interested and decided to see for myself.

So I got the book yesterday (audio version) and I started listening to it this morning and I recorded this quick video to share with you what I learnt from the book today. Now I’m starting to see how Going For Nos instead of Yes can actually skyrocket your income in Network Marketing.

Did you get some value out of that, this book is simply amazing.  I’m a few chapters in and completely blown away by the value. I definitely recommend you Get The Book and read for yourself!

Please comment below and tell me what you feel about this strategy and if you are going to apply it or have applied it in your network marketing business in the past. Definitely share this with others and let’s get this value out on social media.Thanks for Sharing!

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