When I first got my Facebook fan page likes past the 1000 mark, I was so excited.


Because I had seen how to use social media to build a massive following and increase my influence on Facebook.


adeposi okupe facebook page

I knew I now had more people looking at me and reading what I had to say. Not only that, but I also knew I had the resources to reach more people with the value that I create on a consistent basis . . I mean, these are people who deliberately chose to follow me on Facebook.

But I’ve learnt that there is actually a science to building a huge audience on social media in general, and it’s something that anyone can do. In fact, when it comes down to it, you don’t even have to create any content to get started.

How To Use Social Media To Build A Massive Following

positivityThere is only one central principle to crush it on social media and I need you to take this seriously. So here’s it:


And that’s what this post will be centered around, Sharing Positivity is how to use social media to build a massive following without any advertising or posts promotion.

Here are 10 reasons why sharing Positivity will help you build a massive audience on social media.

1| Positivity Goes Viral

We know how fast bad news spreads, positivity has the potential to spread in the same way. Good and Evil are the same force just in opposite directions. We just have to be intentional about it. Share a good quote or picture, poem or video and people who like it will share it with their followers and increase your reach on whatever platform.

2|Positivity Sets A Positive Example

People want to be led and they love to hang around people who make them feel better. Sharing positivity will attract people to like you and want to know you more.

3| Positivity Helps People

I can’t count the number of times I have been emotionally down or frustrated and just by seeing an inspirational quote or image on someone’s timeline, I was immediately lifted. You can’t create a successful businesses without being positive, and if you decide to be the person sharing this positive outlook and optimism, people will reward you for it by following you.

4| People Love Awesome Entertaining Videos

Share inspiring and entertaining videos and you will go viral. There are people that do just this and have hundred of thousands of followers. Go on YouTube and you will see teenagers with millions of subscribers just for doing their own entertaining shows in their rooms.

You don’t even need to create this stuff, just share it. Find a video that you love or that made you laugh and share it.

build your dreams

5| Positivity Motivates and Inspires Others

You have a unique opportunity to move others to action and further motivate those who are already doing something worth while with them selves. I just saw this quote this morning while checking my Facebook wall before writing this post, ‘If you don’t build your own dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs’, and it just gave me an extra boost as I was not feeling too motivated to write this morning.


Positivity helps in so many ways and people need this. Decide to be the person sharing it and this is how to build a massive audience on social media.

6| Positivity  Programs Your Subconscious mind

There is so much negativity out there that you do not need a conscious effort to be skeptical or negative. By constantly feeding your subconscious mind with positivity, you will begin to create your desired reality faster because your subconscious mind is now aligned with your conscious expectations.

7| Positivity becomes a platform for agreement

This is so crucial for us as online home business entrepreneurs. You want to connect with as many people as possible so you can build your list and give value to them. Well, positivity is such a huge platform for agreement and it gives you a solid common ground to build rapport easily with people.

If you share a motivational quote and someone likes it, you can click on their name and say hello and you immediately have something to talk about which is a great way to start a conversation anyway.

8| Positivity Builds Friendships, Credibility and Following

I promise you, even if you don’t have any knowledge to teach about building a business, if all you do is share positivity and give people hope, people will love you for it.

In fact, I do not accept any friend requests from people who are negative. I usually glance quickly at their timeline and if I see a bunch of negative posts, I just ignore. Facebook has a 5000 friend limit and I want to make sure they are the best I can get. . lol.

9| Positivity Feeds & Stimulates Your Mind Daily

I said earlier that positivity programs your subconscious mind to receive and not block out. It also feeds and stimulates your mind. So many people are stereotyped in a vicious routine of employment or even in business, they operate like robots in order to succeed, but this comes at the cost of losing their humanity and empathy. That only moves in a downward spiral.

On an empowerment call yesterday, one of my coaches was sharing her story of how she and her husband were in corporate america and so busy that one morning, they literally walked past themselves in the kitchen without greeting themselves. They were like robots with a fixed routing and had to get to work by a certain time or else. . .

Let me just say Positivity helps to keep you human. Humans hope, humans care, humans love and humans trust, and people will engage with you faster than anything if you share positivity on social media.

10| Positivity Strengthens Your Focus & Fuels Your Motivation

Negativity kills focus and consistency while positivity builds it. That’s pretty simple and straight forward. To remain laser focused and motivated to achieve your goals, you need a dose of positivity every single day or you will fall into doubt and negativity and begin to slack on your commitments.

Help people strengthen their focus by sharing positivity and heck, you need this too for yourself!

How To Get Started With Sharing Positivity

As I said earlier, you don’t even need to be the one creating this content. Have a daily discipline of sharing positive content at least three times a day on your social media channels.

Just retweet, or share or tumble or regram an inspiration or entertaining piece of content. It’s as simple as that. In fact, I’m going to give you an assignment right now if you are serious about learning how to use social media to build a massive following.

More Resources On How To Build An Audience

Assignment: Go to at least one of your social media accounts right now and post something positive, and then copy and paste what you posted in the comments below. I’ll start first!

Was that helpful? Hopefully you got a lot of value and will be implementing. Let me know if you enjoyed these tips.


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    8 replies to "How To Use Social Media To Build A Massive Following"

    • Lisa

      Hi Adeposi!
      I love that you focused this post on being positive in so many different ways. The results will always have a positive outcome. There is so much negativity in social media….people complaining all day long!
      By bringing a positive message to those around us, we can influence others and even help them have a better day!
      Thanks again.

      • atmokupe

        Yes Lisa, and people like us need to spread that word! Thanks for sharing your thoughts

    • Ron Deering

      Right on Adeposi … Positivity goes viral and changes lives…. thank you so much for sharing such value

      • atmokupe

        You’re welcome Mr. Ron.

    • Nuno

      Brilliant your blog post. Thanks you for sharing such great value

      • atmokupe

        Thank you Nuno!

    • Iroko Akinola

      I may be late to the party but being positive is whole lot different…of bad news might sell but we are humans we want to move forward and hence look for things that should do that in the absence of that we tend to have the only that is available…the negative news, the negative videos, the negative thoughts and everything negative that is out there…thanks for being POSITIVE!

      • atmokupe

        I agree with you.
        Let’s decide even in the midst of negativity to stand as rays of positivity in our small circles.
        It’s hard to do that consistently with the amount of negative events and hardship going on but positivity never made anything worse, it only makes it better.
        Thanks for your comment Iroko.

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