It is a world known fact that everybody loves travel. Apart from the fun and sight-seeing factor that readily appeals to most people, we all need to take some time off from our lives periodically to refresh and re-align ourselves, and this among many is one of the reasons why travel is the largest industry worldwide. Some people, like me, want to travel to discover new places, cultures, and experience adventure.
Like one of my friends, Johnny Wimbrey said, Travel is something you either want or you already do it and want to do it again.

Everyone loves travel and Nigerians love to travel. Walk into Murtala Muhammed International Airport any day and anytime and see how it is constantly jam-packed with travelers awaiting their departure flight or arriving from a trip.

murtala muhammed international airport

The way we are accustomed to going on holidays is to save up over several months, especially when it is a family holiday, however there are millions of Nigerians who just discard the idea of vacationing abroad because of the huge associated costs. They resort to travelling to the village and spending some time with relatives.

What if there way a way to travel on a very low budget?

I can bet that if you found a way or an opportunity to travel several times a year and not stretch your wallet, you would jump at it! Yea? I thought so too.

There are generally two ways to save money on travel.

    If you already travel several times a year, for business purposes, especially if you use a particular airline over and over, you can begin to accumulate flight points on your mileage, which can be applied to reduce your air fare on subsequent trips. The same applies to hotels and resorts that you patronize frequently even if it’s sponsored by your company.Now this will make no sense to the bulk of the population that do not already travel frequently. I was in this category before I discovered this second way.
    This is a more general way to save costs of travelling. Many travel clubs offer Huge Discounts on Flights, Holidays and Vacation packages exclusively to their members and once you can identify one and be a part of it, you can have lifetime access whenever you want to travel. If you join a good travel club, you can save up to several hundreds of thousands of dollars on a good deal for a single trip. Especially when you travel with family, you will benefit from many cheap family holidays.

Travel clubs usually have a sign-up fee and a monthly or annual fee with a wide range from affordable to very expensive depending on the club.

Some Travel clubs only offer you discounts on your travel costs but some others even provide a way for you to accumulate travel points and bonuses by referring your friends and family to also become members. These points can then be further applied to save more money on the already discounted costs and even go on totally paid for trips.

How to get started

For a start, I recommend you find a recognized travel club with affordable sign-up and monthly/ annual dues and you can begin planning your next holiday immediately.
In my opinion, the best travel club will be one that enables you save money on travel and also optionally make money from those you refer who also join, so after a while you can take free trips.

That’s the route I took and I’ve been able to take several vacations in Europe and Africa saving hundreds of thousands and also making some cool cash along the way. Here’s a completely free 3-day vacation I and my dad took to Johannesburg last year Summer – 5 star HILTON hotel, Executive suite, Buffet Dining, Tour inclusive. The deal was going for a crazily discounted $149 (N24,000) from my travel club but I had accumulated sufficient travel points to cover the whole trip so THIS TRIP WAS TOTALLY FREE!!

As they say, ‘The best vacation is the one you don’t have to pay for!’

Hope you got some valuable tips from this.

Feel free to contact me for advice on travel and vacations if you are planning a trip soon.


Adeposi Okupe

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