At our highest levels of physical excitement, after crossing the boundary of mere ecstasy, we get to a point where we are expressionless externally;
Any bit of movement, or an attempt at coordination of our members on the external threatens to bring us lower than that level of experience.
That’s why we bend down, bow to the ground, for example, in times of heightened excitement, true heartfelt worship, and certainly in severe pain also.

It’s a climax of feelings and our senses kind of shut down and operate at minimum levels: perfectly still, on our feet, or flat out prostrate on the floor.

Concentration – Inner strength
The spirit takes over, inner awareness increases, outer consciousness decreases.
The most practical instance I know of and have experienced first hand is true worship.
Worship is a natural affection and relationship between creator and creation.
We lift our hands involuntarily, automatically;
Our spirits want to go higher
Our souls long for a higher experience.
We realise we have transcended; we are now operating on a higher plane of reality.
Our spirits can see him, our physical eyes can not
Our spirits can feel the creator, though our physical senses have grown numb
This is not just a frenzy, or artificial excitement, we really have crossed the thin line separating the physical and the supernatural worlds of reality.

We can now do things we never thought we could; we get ideas superior to human logic and reasoning.
In that moment, we operate with divine knowledge and discernment. We are in the inner court at the feet of the creator.
We know who can give us this experience; we know where we can get it – regardless of our geographical locations.

The door to this place has been opened centuries ago, but there is only one way – a hidden way lying right in front of our eyes, which many cannot tread because they operate with veiled sight.

This is SPIRIT and this is TRUTH – The Real Reality
And just like Peter, we wish to make tents here, right now,
One for us, one for him, and also for his hosts.


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