They don’t have to like you

Written by on January 22, 2018

Have you had the experience before?

You have this brilliant idea for a blog post or status update, and you are very excited to pass this message accross to your audience.

You begin to write.

But you get to a point and you seem to get stuck. It’s not that you’re lost for words or blank upstairs and you are not suffering from writers’ block, but you just seem stuck in your tracks.

And here’s why.

You think someone will not like what you have to say, or how you want to put it.

So after what looks like a thousand years, you taper down your energy. You try to be more diplomatic so you don’t offend anyone’s heart or conscience.

You want them to like you.

Congratulations, you just relegated yourself to mediocrity.

If you are not ready to pit sides with people, get on opposing teams with your ideas, or even get criticized, booed or hated for what you believe is true.

The world will not come to an end…

But your message will.

You will have failed in one of the most important ingredients for building your audience.

You will never have the opportunity to lead the movement you wish to lead.Image result for tribes we need you to lead us pdf

I love Seth Godin like ‘kilode’. One of his books is titled ‘Tribes, we need you to lead us’.

Your audience needs you to lead them, with your ideas, your skills, giftings, message and vision.

But you will not achieve that by trying to please everyone with your content.

You need to be comfortable with racking up ‘them’ enemies, because that’s how you raise your dedicated soldiers.

You need to set what you are for, and what you are against.

That is the ingredient for resonance. People connect along points of similarity and commonalities.

Now this is not a license for arrogance or outright disrespect. This is actually far from it.

It is coming into your full identity, embracing it and expressing it so that those who resonate with you can find more anchors to hold on to with you.

Do not lose your opportunity to help and lift those you are sent to, simply because you are afraid of angering some others who do not align with you in the first place.

If you are building an email list or online community, the faster you do this, the faster you will prune your audience so that those who will not buy from you or take action anyway will unsubscribe or leave your platform as fast as possible.

If you don’t do this, you will begin to carry along excess weight and additional expenses in time, energy and money trying to take care of people who should not be in your audience.


Like attracts Like.

Find yourself and find your voice and be unapologetic about it.

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