We all aspire to achieve our goals and vision, but we do not all strive towards it. I found that this isn’t because we do not know how to, but more because we sense that it’s a less travelled path.

Yes, some have ventured on the path of greatness, but they met with great opposition from friends, family and society.

We do not want that. We fear to be rejected. We all want to be loved.

I also found on my personal journey on this path, that a lot of the people I came across wanted the results but were not ready to put the effort it, at least not now.

  John Maxwell says to fail your way to success.

  Nothing of great worth in the kingdom is handed over. We have to fight for it. – Ayo Ajani

Nothing happens until you take action, and a massive relentless one at that.

The one who would succeed at his endeavour must not be afraid to fail, in fact, he must welcome it,  provided he is ready to learn from each experience of failure and return with a better attempt.

People just seem not to have that impetus to make brave decisions, even if they know it has the potential to reward them with the object of their dreams. 

To approach a situation with fear is as good as accepting defeat before the battle begins.

Many are okay to share in your victory after you’ve overcome, but I guess that’s not you.

It doesn’t promise to be easy, but it promises to be worth everything and more.

The road less travelled is often the most rewarding, for those that finish the course.

And that road is less traveled not because people haven’t identified or recognized it, but they just concluded it wasn’t for them, at least not at the moment.

Maybe they’d start when they get a job, or when they get married and settle down, or when they’ve moved into their own house, or when they’re done having kids. Oh no, raising kids is another fulltime job. Maybe when the kids grow up and leave the house, or maybe when they retire and have time.

People who procrastinate like this never get to do anything with their lives.

Take action while you still have your vitality.

Your dream is the solution to the problem of a nation (group of people).

Your vision is someone’s only hope.

So today, bless the world with your goodness and go after that dream you’ve confined in your mind all this while.

We need more people to follow their passion and chase their dreams.

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