First, I congratulate you for clicking on the link that brought you here because, really, you are among the 2 per cent (that wasn’t a typo, it’s really 2 per cent) of people that realize that their future is actually determined by their actions today. So you are not here by mistake.

Let me explain what I mean by the one requirement. This is what it means.

Nothing will happen along the lines of creating the lifestyle you desire until you have this one requirement in place!

And here’s it!

You must accept complete responsibility for yourself, and for everything that happens to you.

That is a fact with the full weight of every single word. You are responsible for EVERYTHING that happens to you, whether good or bad, whether you want them or not. Until you accept that, believe me, you are not ready to design your future.

The mark of successful people is that they refuse to make excuses, blame others, or complain about their situation. Instead, they say, over and over, “I am responsible!

Successful people are often termed lucky. It’s just the perception that matters. Successful people are lucky because they created the luck that transformed their lives.

Let me show you how.

The law of Mental Equivalence states that what you experience in life is the mental equivalent of what you create in your mind.

So successful people actually create their reality on the inside first before it materializes on the outside. That doesn’t happen until you accept that you are responsible. You must create your desired reality in your mind before you can experience it in your world. And you have complete control over your own mind. You determine which thoughts take prevalence in your mind by only allowing positive, affirming thoughts and information into your conscious mind.

Your future reality will be a reflection of what you are!

Your outer world tends to be a mirror-image of your inner world. What is going on outside of you is a reflection of what is going on inside of you. And it cannot be otherwise. We do not see the world the way it is, but the way we are. We experience the world the way we are!

People are poor on the outside primarily because they are poor on the inside. It’s not dependent on less-privileged upbringing, nationality, failing economy or government corruption. If they can change their internal make-up, they will immediately be catapulted into another reality that they never imagined!

I have friends in Greece and Cyprus today, who have become millionaires in dollars in the wake of the worst economy in the world. And they all attribute that success to when they made a decision not to depend on external factors, and that’s when they attracted the right financial vehicle to get them to a 7-figure income in a country experiencing economic recession.

Listen to this carefully!

You can start at any time to create this mental equivalent. You can start NOW!

No limitsbe financially free

You are not bound by mistakes of the past or the uncertainties of the future.

Your greatest limits are not external. They are internal, contained within your own thinking.

Your potential is unlimited because you are free to choose your thoughts at this moment, and what you think at this moment determines the future direction of your life.

Now if you want to get lucky, you just need to increase probability that you will come in contact with the right opportunities and people. Successful people just have higher probabilities than others.

Let’s go scientific!

Activating your Reticular Cortex

This is a small finger-like organ in your brain. It acts like a telephone switchboard that accepts and forwards calls from outside. Your reticular cortex takes in information and passes it to your conscious mind, as well as to your subconscious mind, on the basis of the commands that you have given it about what you want and what is most important to you.

What exactly does that mean?

Have you ever noticed that the moment you intensely desire something, anything at all, you immediately begin to see it everywhere. For me, my most recent experience of this is when my company rolled out a silver BMW car ownership plan. I loved the idea that anyone could get it, and so I desired it. I have ways loved BMWs but I never noticed a silver one. My friends joke that Africans like Black BMWs and there is some truth in that. But the point here is that, once I developed that desire, I immediately started seeing silver BMWs everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE – around the corner, in traffic, in parking lots, car show rooms, on the internet, and television. The silver BMWs were there all along but I never noticed them until I activated my reticular cortex.

This is also true for financial independence. Once you desire to be financially free, you immediately begin to notice the right people, information, ideas and opportunities that will get you exactly where you want to be.

But again, all this can never happen if you haven’t taken responsibility for your future.

So here are a few action points you must start practising immediately!

  • Accept total responsibility for your future. Only then will your mind begin to attract the right people and opportunities to create the reality you desire.
  • Program your mind. Your thoughts determine your circumstances. So begin to create pictures and thoughts of the reality you want to experience and dwell on them. It’s not building castles in the air; you are feeding your subconscious mind with commands to create your future exactly how what you want.
  • Expect the best to happen to you today. The law of expectations says that, whatever you expect, with confidence, becomes your own self- fulfilling prophecy. People are most motivated when they are convinced that their actions will lead to a successful, positive outcome. Successful people always only expect the best, and that’s why they get it. They expect to succeed more often than they fail, and they expect to win more often than they lose.

Don’t leave your life to chance! Take charge!

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It’s your life . . .Make it worth living!
Adeposi Okupe

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