MAN IN THE MIRRORI am the solution to Nigeria’s problems. I am the change Nigeria needs. I learnt that a nation is made up by the people in it, and they determine the well being of the nation collectively. But a nation is made up of individuals – you and me. So we are ‘Nigeria’.
Fact is, only ‘I’ can change myself. I am in control of my decisions, whether good or bad. I have taken a vow to change Nigeria, one person at a time.
Let us reason together…If I can change myself, then encourage my friends and family to do the same, and they too encourage their friends and families to do so, it goes on and on like that, we could a spark a fire of change, however small, slowly but surely. We can no longer sit down and allow the politicians in Aso Rock determine our future.
‘The man in the mirror’ is real and is our only hope. So on this note, I’m starting the fire..
Don’t be upset if I behave unusual (since cutting corners and shortcuts are the order of the day) in my daily affairs, because that is my only hope of a better future.

And so, “I pledge that henceforth, everything I do will be in the best interest of my fatherland – Nigeria; that I will desist from doing anything detrimental to her growth
and development. I will jump at every opportunity to secure an improvement in the collective lot of Nigerians now and for the generations to come. So help me God!”
Pass this accross to your friends and loved ones, and let’s make this happen. I am the Nigerian Man in the mirror, and so are you!

Please feel free to repost this, print and paste somewhere conspicuous, share on  social networks, tell somebody about it, whatever you feel, just do something NOW!!


    2 replies to "THE NIGERIAN MAN IN THE MIRROR!"

    • Oguntade Mercy Damilola

      Whao, am excited. I used to think am alone.
      Glad 2 hav visited ur blog.

      • atmokupe

        You’re not alone dear. When we put ourselves out there in faith, no matter how discouraging everything may seem, it’s God’s principle to bring others to our acquaintance that will further spur us on to achieve that commendable task we have set our minds to.

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