I’m sure at several points in your life, when about to start on a new venture or project, you may have spent a huge amount of time ‘thinking’ and planning, literarily speculating and foot-dragging because you were not sure about what exactly it would turn out to be. But eventually, you got around to doing it anyway, and it turned out great, right?
Great! You just saw, right there, the major ingredient for success. Its called MASSIVE ACTION.

You can plan all you want and consult all the theories you can find, but if you don’t get into the trenches and roll up your sleeves, nothing is going to happen.
How many times have you said this to yourself after waiting reluctantly to try out something new – “and that wasn’t bad after all!” Sound familiar?
Many times we find ourselves with the right ‘everything’ – opportunity, resources and timing – but we are too reluctant to take advantage of them and do something.

I love this quote so much:

You can be in the right place at the right time, with the right people and the right opportunity, but if you do nothing about it, it is as if you were never there.

Here’s my biggest advice for you: Once you have an idea you believe in, GO FOR IT!! TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!!
Don’t look back. Don’t wait till all the signs go green before you leave the house, else you will stay home for a very very long time.

The common reason why we delay that project or keep -dragging is FEAR OF FAILURE. In one the businesses that I own, we refer to it as the FEAR OF REJECTION. We as humans are social beings and we hate to hear the word ‘NO’. We are so scared of rejection that we end up not taking a shot at all. The truth about it is that you must decide to win and stick your neck out there for you to actually get a YES anyway.
I found out that most people that are huge successes now actually just stared with the idea and a vague but visionary plan. Many will inform you that they just decided at a point to throw caution to the wind and take action, and surprisingly, doors started opening of their own accord on all sides.

Just as faith without works is dead, so also planning without corresponding action is futile. The truth is that God is actually just waiting for you to take the first step before he steps in and takes over.

So decide now and chase that desire of yours. Establish the goal and shoot for it, and never stop shooting until you get what you want.

Achieve beyond your wildest imaginations!

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