redwood treesRedwood Trees Have A Powerful, Simple Solution to Your Struggling Network Marketing Business

In this article, I share an amazing fact I discovered just recently about the Redwood Trees and I immediately saw how they relate perfectly with growing your network marketing business.

I learnt this from a story told in Art Jonak’s Mastermind Event where different people were pulled from the audience impromptu to contest in a 3 minute presentation.

The Redwood tree’s root grows to an average depth of 3 feet below the ground. That’s like the width of your door.

Surprised? Don’t be!

Redwood trees can grow as high as 300ft. They are one of the tallest and biggest trees on earth. But how do they achieve this feat with such a seemingly flimsy foundation?

Unlike most trees that go very deep into the ground, the redwood tree uses a rather creative and daring strategy for growth that Network Marketers can learn from.

Watch the Short Video To Learn The Effective Network Marketing Growth Strategy

Redwood Trees Growth Strategy Will Give You Hope For Network Marketing

The way they do it is to connect their roots to other Redwood Trees around and they form this very strong network of roots that enable them to grow to hundreds of feet in height without compromising their stability.

Redwood Trees usually grow together so they can leverage on one another’s strengths.

What Redwood Trees Can Teach About Network Marketing Success

  1. Team Work: Network Marketing is a team sport. You can not succeed on your own. You may make some money from your personal efforts, but the amazing benefits of real Network Marketing Success only comes from working as team, building other leaders and helping others achieve their goals and dreams.
  2. Leverage: Network Marketing Professionals know it’s about forging and nurturing relationships with other people to genuinely help them live a better life and experience true freedom.

team workShift Your Focus

It’s not about what you can achieve for yourself and how much money you can make. Let it be about your team and what you can achieve together.

How many lives can you change? How many families do you want to help to achieve financial freedom?

When you place a priority on the bigger picture and what you can achieve by leveraging everyone’s input as a team and genuinely taking interest in helping people, you will start to (almost magically) create more success in your business.

Two things will happen when you star to focus on team building:

  • Your perceived value will increase because you achieve more and get more done as a team than you can ever achieve by your efforts alone.
    ‘I’ll rather have the efforts of 1% of 100 people than 100% of my own’ – John Paul Getty.
  • You will attract more people to you who want a better life and who are ready to work with you by joining your team to achieve their goals too, because you are already providing what prospects want.

Mindset Tip: Successful Network Marketers make it more about the growth and success of a Team with an overall vision to help people reach their goals, and less about joining  a business to make money.

Learn from the Redwood Tree. Focus on building a community of high achievers who work together to achieve a common goal of a better lifestyle and freedom for the whole team.

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    • sonia

      Thank you Adeposi. Team building and Leverage being explained so well. I also loved this phrase Successful Network Marketers make it more about the growth and success of a Team with an overall vision to help people reach their goals, and less about joining a business to make money.

      • atmokupe

        Exactly! Thanks for your insightful comment.

    • Ron Deering

      Awesome post Adeposi… just never thought the Redwood could teach us about Network Marketing… have to share this one around… thanks for sharing..

      • atmokupe

        Powerful stuff! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing as well.

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