So you think you are safe . . .

You do just enough to get by,
just enough to put food on the table, pay the bills and have the AC working,
Just enough compliments to the neighbours so they know you are still around and not their enemy,
living each day as they come, hoping we make it to the next with some profit, if we get lucky!

Just enough to get the monthly salary,
No need to go the extra mile . . Why put extra efforts on the job when you have fulfilled your job description?
Who’s going to pay you for overtime?
Just enough activity at the office to keep up your appearance and not get fired.
JUST ENOUGH is just enough to keep you in the company statistics, that doesn’t stop you from being laid off without notice.

Just enough to shelter your kids and give them an education,
at least they are not sleeping on the streets – they’re privileged, right?
Get them on the school bus and you see them again at night when you come back.
YOUR KIDS WANT MORE OF YOU. They want you to make their childhood the best ever.
If you don’t give them YOU, they will grow up to ignore and probably resent you.

Just enough to pass the course,
just enough appearances for the semester to meet the 65% attendance requirement of the lecturer,
gain just enough course credits to get promoted to the next level.

Just enough to be in that person’s good favour,
Just enough compliments so they remember that they know you,
Say ‘hi’ and smile . .

Wait! What if?

What if you actually got something going on?
What if home wasn’t just a place for you to lay your head?
What if you were more involved in your local community, doing something of value?
What if each day wasn’t a struggle to get out of bed and beat the early morning traffic to work, if each day was a happy awakening presenting you with another opportunity to be awesome at your passion!

What if you were more involved at work? Wait! . .What if you actually worked at some place where you purposefully wanted to be. What if work was fun? What if FUN was work? What if you closed from work each day with more energy in you than when you resumed that morning, rather than the other way round?

What if you had all the time to spend raising your kids? Being actively present in their lives and not just a permanent visitor.
What if you actually were everything your kids wanted you to be? Friend. Parent . Confidant . Counselor, ?
What if you were not just a co-tenant with your family. . if you could just mean more?

What if you were madly in love with your core subjects? You couldn’t wait for the next class. . you went ahead of the curriculum and expounded on it in your private time. .What if exams were not a nightmare and were just a way to keep score. What if learning was fun?
What if you took advantage of all the resources you could lay your hands on at school and actually discover your path in life?

What if you meant more to people? That every encounter with you left them a bit happier or better. . that people actually look forward to spending, if just, a moment with you. .

Most people are content with JUST ENOUGH! Don’t live your whole life just trying to make it to the end of your days alive…selah!

It seems to me that Doing JUST ENOUGH is very inadequate.
We’ve only got one shot at life! And playing it safe is actually risky!

So you think you are safe? Think again!


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