Because we are more being-productive-quote than ever right now with technology, and Network Marketing is a wonderful relationship-based business, social media has quickly become a really powerful tool to leverage to build and grow huge teams worldwide. Really, for us Network Marketers, the world is just a small global village – indeed our playground.

In this article, I share 2 simple steps to start recruiting more reps through social media - the right way.

I’m pretty darn sure you’ve seen the spammy links on Facebook pointing you to the best money making scheme to grace the face of internet till date, or some super-excited newbie network marketer who posts every 5 minutes in all-caps to join his ‘Best MLM on the planet’.

2 Steps to Recruit More Reps Using Social Media

Many people are using social media just wrong and today you will learn 2 simple steps to start recruiting more reps by using social media the right way to build your network marketing business.

If you follow these tips truly, you will start to see better results with your online prospecting and even begin to attract quality prospects who want to know what you are doing.

Watch the short video below to learn how to Recruit More Reps Using Social Media

2 Steps to Recruit More Reps Using Social Media

1| Never Ever Post Your Company Replicated Link on Your Timeline

This is an abomination. It is a Must-Not Do as it will crush your reputation online. Contrary to what you may think that you are getting the word out there, you are only portraying the fact that you are needy. There is no strength in this.

Only leaders succeed in Network Marketing, and leaders always present themselves with strength, and posting your company link is not a position of strength.

It does one of two things:-

  • It rfbgroupepels your prospects instead of attracting them. When I see any of such, I either think it’s of the those scammers or maybe just an uninformed marketer doing harm to the collective image of the industry.
  • Even if they are interested in knowing what you are promoting, they will not contact you. They will simply look it up on google and either find all the bad media about the business and get scared, or if they find some valuable information on it they could end up signing up with whoever provided that value- which is what you should have been doing in the first place.

Trying to Recruit More Reps By posting your company link on social media is just a bad idea.

2| Become A Person Of Value & Raise Curiosity

Rather than posting your links in hope that someone will click them and sign up, rather you should spend your time providing valuable content to the marketplace. This is exactly what top earners do to attract others to them and you can do it also.

The idea is to post relevant inspiring, motivational, insightful content consistently. This get’s people curious about what you are doing and eager to find out. Even if they don’t message you (of which many will), when you eventually call them to show them your business if they are on your list, they will remember your posts and be curious to finally know what it is you have been doing. This changes the landscape totally.

How to find valuable content to post

Take lifestyle pictures of you in your daily life, having fun, and investing in yourself and post it online. Add some informative captions to your pictures.

When I’m at a seminar, I usually record a short video to say where I’m at, who I’m hanging out with and what I’m learning. This instantly brands me as a leader because my audience somehow equates me with the top shot leaders I’m hanging out with, even if i’m sitting at the back row. . lol

You can post up quotes and memes that drive strong messages, share what you learn at seminars or through your personal development.

I attended a conference about 3 weeks adeposi okupe sswago and it was a startup & entrepreneurship conference, not even a Network Marketing Event but I took this picture and posted it up on Facebook and Instagram asking if my friends wanted me to share my notes. I got quite some engagement on that. That’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about.

This just get’s people thinking about you in a good light, different from the other people spamming their links all over the place and puts you in a better position to present your opportunity to more receptive ears.

Did This Post Help you? The fact is that if you want to raise your income in network marketing, you need to start leveraging social media to recruit more reps and grow your team.

Here Are Some More Resources on Recruiting More Reps Into Your MLM Business

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I’m curious! How are you doing recruiting people online to you MLM Business? Have you been leveraging Social Media? 

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    5 replies to "2 steps To Recruit More Reps using Social Media"

    • Don Shan

      I love love love your point #2: Become A Person Of Value & Raise Curiosity
      More people need to learn to do that rather than simply pasting their company affiliate link all over Facebook. Thanks for this training!

      • atmokupe

        Awesome, Don! Becoming a person of value is the only shot at attracting the right people to build our business online.

    • Lisa

      Hey Adeposi!

      Love your insights here and happy to see you broke it down to two steps. That simplifies the process.
      To your first point about never posting the replicated link… this is a silly move for the reason you mentioned and it does nothing to set you apart from all the distributors that are doing the same exact thing. I can show you 20 people or more that have the exact same ad for their company.
      What is your USP – unique selling proposition? What sets you apart from all the other distributors? That is exactly what people need to figure out and they do that by following your second brilliant step – Become a person of value and raise curiousity.
      Good stuff my friend

      • atmokupe

        Yes Lisa! Thanks for the great added insight, as always 🙂

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