Real Leadership is assumed, not bestowed.

As ‘grammatical’ as that sounds, I hope you get the point.
Leadership is more than a title. In fact, real leadership does not like titles because titles and positions make it harder to serve at times.
Even if you win by election or by appointment, you must make a personal decision to serve the people with the resources and power at your disposal.

Real leaders are not position seekers, they instead look for opportunities to serve the most amount of people. More often than not, these people are not celebrated. They do not seek praise or reward, they simply want to leave a thing/ place/ system better than they met it.

Real leadership is sacrifice. . sacrificing your opportunity to take advantage and instead using your leverage to do more, faster.

Real leaders do not seek praise or reward, their reward is the fulfillment that they added value which can not be quantified by currency.

To your Future!

Adeposi Okupe

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