If you’ve observed over the years, either from architectural training or just a critical thought pattern, you might have asked questions such as:

– Why do our Nigerian cities look the way they do;

– Whether it’s culturally appropriate to ‘import’ western design philosophies and materials into our tropical climate – at least the way it is being done now. In economics, this would be known as dumping;

– What exactly should be the extent of foreign influence on Nigerian/ African architecture?

– Are there specific elements whether in design or adorning, that should depict culturally sensitive and responsive architecture in Africa?

– What can be considered an acceptable yardstick for measuring the cultural advancement with respect to improving technology?

Though I do not think there’s a simple clear-cut answer to this myriad of questions, a critical look at our cultural dogmas, superstitious beliefs and unchallenged status-quo in the creative industry can be quite revealing and at the least, capable of serving as a pointer to a path of progressive development.

Check out my thoughts on this subject in my DWSeries Position Piece here:
DWSeries Position Piece



Image credits:
1 & 2: www.skyscrapercity.com
3: www.africancolours.com

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