On the path of personal development, I would have you notified of something I discovered.

It’s amazing how much one can change with little but consistent personal development over a period of time. I’m still blown away by how much I have changed between January last year and now.

In my case, I started a home business that laid great emphasis on personal development as a determinant in becoming successful. I committed to reading at least 10 pages or a chapter of a personal development material (book, audio or video) every single day; and towards the end of the year, apart from having friends, colleagues and even people I looked up to coming up to me, commending or appreciating the person I had become, I noticed a considerable increase in all the areas of my life that I was reading/ learning about (spiritual/ financial/ leadership). And the day it really sank in was early in February, when a young lady approached me at a send-forth gathering saying I didn’t know her but she just wanted to let me know how much she admired my personality and charisma.
That felt good and stamped on my mind that for certain, I was doing and reading the right stuff.

But this is where I am going. We embark on personal development programs in order to change ourselves or maybe change the world starting with ourselves. But quite soon after you begin on this wonderful exercise, you notice some harsh reactions from people around you. You begin to notice some things in most people because you are growing and most of them aren’t. Most times they just can’t see things the way you do, and that can be frustrating.

I soon discovered that I was getting upset with situations and behaviors more frequently – things I probably was comfortable ignoring or living with previously, and it took some time before I realized that it was because I was changing that these things were becoming issues.

It’s almost like you’re an supernatural being dwelling in the midst of mere mortals. [laughs]
You recognize little things that everyone else is completely aloof of and you just can’t get why people are comfortable with it.

When you get to this point, you just have to be able to recognize this obvious moments and handle them consciously, and know that everything is in line.

Look at it like the price you have to pay for developing yourself, or maybe an opportunity to identify more problems to solve if that’s in your area of interest.

The idea here is just that you have to be aware of this issue.

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