Are you struggling with overcoming the sales barrier in your business? I find that this is one of the major limitations business people face.

You find a lot of people wanting to go into entrepreneurship but not wanting to be involved in selling their products/ services to their potential customers.

Selling is for Sales men and marketers, you say?

Well, wrong!

You need a mindset shift. Selling is not primarily a skill to get money out of the hands of the customer and give them your product.

Selling is first a way to communicate that your product can solve the problem they have.

A lot of us are selling to the wrong people in the first place.

Your Rolex watch won’t appeal to an amputee, no matter how fancy or classy is may look.

When your customers don’t understand the value they can get from your product/ service/ offer, then you have do a lot of work in order to get them to buy, con them out of their money or just stalk them forever until they give you money so that you can leave them alone.

Everybody needs to know how to sell, and I smell a training coming out of this real soon.

Let me know if you would love that.

But the bottom line is this.

If you actually took time to find a niche, get clear on your message and most productive area, you identified a target market and a relevant pain point they are ready to spend money to fix, and you have created a solution that can actually solve that problem . .

then why on earth would you be afraid of selling?

Selling is a skill that can be acquired and it is actually a crucial skill for any entrepreneur.

You have to be able to sell!!

  • Sell yourself on why your vision is major and has to be executed. .
  • Sell your friends and family on why it is you that has to take on this mission and how sacrificing some time now till result in a better future for all of you in the near future. .
  • Sell your clients and customers on how your product can solve their problem. .
  • Sell your employees on the brand culture and get an emotional buy-in
  • Sell your investors on why they need to fund your business. .
  • Sell your board of directors on a new direction you are wanting to take the company on . .

Business is about selling. .

Selling is communication. Don’t be afraid of it.

One thing to note though is that selling is very much easier when it is wrapped in genuine care about your audience and served with amazing value.

Care about your audience and always add value even when you are selling, and you can’t go wrong!

The beginning of a great sales pitch is before you ever start talking or even creating anything.

The beginning of a great sales experience is having rock-solid confidence in what you are doing.

And that comes from having 100% clarity in your core message, your most productive area and your target audience;

Determining your brand positioning and approach strategy;

Building an authority platform that guarantees you an endless supply of potential customers that actually want to buy from you.

Constant personal development in relevant areas;

Getting your message and business in front of the right people.

Once you have these in place, selling becomes a breeze.

Was that helpful? It’s time to take action.

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