control sales conversationWhen it comes to network marketing posture, unlike other skills required for mlm success, you either have it or you don’t.

There’s no middle ground.

Having it is like having unlimited combs of honey on a bee farm, and doing your network marketing business without having posture is like . . well . . trying to catch fish without a bait . .good luck.

This means that you must understand what is network marketing posture and why it is critical not just for mlm success but to get the best from your relationships and all other forms of communication.

You are going to learn how to build posture in order for you to experience the effectiveness of network marketing business.

In-depth Training On How To Build Network Marketing Posture

Who’s in control here? You or your prospect?

First things first. . You must assume and maintain control of the conversation at all times, from the invitation call right up to closing the sale.
If you can successfully maintain control of the conversation, you are in a better position to guide the discussion to the direction you plan for it to go (making the sale), otherwise you can find yourself just chatting away and not knowing how to bring the whole conversation back to your business, which is why you started it in the first place.

I assure you this is not a good feeling. I’ve had it many times and even when you do get it back on track, it feels unnatural and you feel like you’re being more of a sales man (also not a good very good feeling)..

A good rule of thumb for knowing who is in control in any conversation is to know who is asking the questions.

If your prospect is the one asking the questions, even if it’s about your product or comp plan, they are in control.

You never want them to be in control of the conversation. So make sure you’re the one asking the questions.

Tip: Don’t mistake posture for arrogance or cockiness. Building posture has nothing to do with sounding bossy or brash, but it certainly has everything to do with having 100% confidence in yourself and your opportunity that you don’t feel you need them to join you in order for you to succeed.

Prospects smell fear from a mile away

If you have any iota of fear about your business, your prospects can smell is right from when you open your mouth to start presenting.

From invitation, to presentation, closing, training and even promotion, your prospects or team mates can sense if you are unsure about what you’re saying or if you are 100% confident and you’re going to do this with or without them.

Posture is choice. Lead with fear or lead with faith

Choose to have faith.

Faith has a direction. Hope doesn’t!

Hope wishes, faith moves. Faith is a substance. Your faith has to be rock solid so you can transfer that belief into your prospects and team, whoever your audience is.

Your faith is based on something – Your level of Personal Development and growth

  • Educate yourself about your products,
  • Be a product of the product,
  • Attend events and company training and other related events, seminars, workshops to build your skills and become more efficient and effective.

Doing this creates more confidence and posture since you have more belief in yourself anyway and you’ll have the posture to be able to tell your prospects that you can help them achieve that goal that they truly desire.

Posture gives you the advantage because it positions you as an expert who is doing them a favour by offering them opportunity .

3 Tips on how to build posture for Network Marketing success

1| Mindset/ Tonality

Develop the right mindset by educating yourself about your products and business and Invest in your personal development to increase your level of confidence.

The right mindset translates to assertiveness and the right tonality when sharing your opportunity which is attractive to prospects.

2| Quality of your statements & questions

This is important as the quality of the conversation will be determined by the quality of questions asked.

I like to handle my business exposures like I’m conducting an interview where I’m the expert and I’m looking to see if the prospect qualifies to join my team.

Here are some of the questions I ask in order to pre-qualify them before they even see my network marketing business

  • What is your ultimate goal in life? If time and money are not an issue anymore, what would you be doing with your time
  • Do you consider yourself to be coachable and able to follow simple instructions.
  • How much income extra per month will be life changing for you right now
  • How many hours per week are you willing to invest to build your business part time to earn that money
  • On a scale of 1 – 10, rate yourself in terms of seriousness and determination to make this work and achieve your goals.

At the end of the presentation, ask ‘What did you like best about what you just saw?’ instead of Did you like it?’

Posture quoteYou’re the expert. Interview them.

Let them work at selling themselves on why they need to join your team and work with you.



3| Handling objections

This is another area where posture increases your effectiveness in network marketing.

The natural way to handle objections is to answer all their questions and try to make them understand why they need to sign up now, but in a bid to do that, you will be losing your posture.

For example, when someone says they need time to think about it, don’t retort and say things like ‘What’s there to think about?’.

Instead, say something like ‘ Oh! great. you certainly do. We have hundred of videos on the internet. Feel free to go through everyone of them and make sure you are really ready to rock this because I want to make sure that if you’re joining the team, you are 100% ready to get started, let me know’. . . and then you walk away or take it away.

You taking away the opportunity is posturing and so attractive to prospects because you emphasize the fact that you actually don’t need them to achieve network marketing success.

More Resources on How To Build Posture for Network Marketing Success

Hope you enjoyed these network marketing tips on how to build your posture?

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