Yesterday I started sharing my notes on some of the value bombs dropped at the The Orange Summit , an Innovation & Technology Conference that holds once a quarter in Lagos. I attended the maiden edition last week Saturday (18th July).

If you’re an entrepreneur seeking to learn how you can effectively leverage on technology and navigate the social space in a bid to grow your business, then you must attend Orange Summit.

If you have not read Part 1 where I talked about Determining Your Business Model, Go Here To Read Part 1!

Having A Social Media Strategy

This aspect was handled by Subomi Plumptre [Head, Corporate and Social Media,  Alder Consulting] and delivered so eloquently on the importance of having a great social media presence and some best practices.

the orange summit

Watch the Video Below To See Me Share My Notes From The Orange Summit On Social Media

and that’s a wrap!

I hope I squeezed enough value into those videos for you. One of the Benefits of Attending Live Events is that you get to meet awesome people like this and learn from them first hand.

. . . and the break out sessions or one-on-one chats, if you have the opportunity to grab one, can be live transforming.

I talked about the need for you attend events if you want to Increase Your Income in this post.

More Resources on Using Social Media For Your Business

I don’t know any person who understands and is actually dominating social media more than Gary Vaynerchuck so I’m just going to give you some of his resources.

  • Gary Vaynerchuck drops some major value-bombs and schools two CNN TV hosts on how to Use Social Media
    [I was going to link to that but you know what, this video is so good I’m going to put it right here on my blog]

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    6 replies to "My Notes From The Orange Summit [Part 2 – Social Media]"

    • Jenni Ryan

      Yes its very hard to be effective across so many social media. A concentrated effort on one or maybe 2 platforms will be way more effective.

      • atmokupe

        Definitely Jenni. We gotta get that engagement going on!

    • Ron Deering

      Some more great value and ideas… Love Gary… such a great post thanks Adeposi for sharing your notes…great

      • atmokupe

        Thanks Ron! You know who I learnt to do that from! 😀

    • Jeremy Wright

      How good was that Gary Vaynerchuk video! Dropping huge knowledge bombs!!!!

      • atmokupe

        He’s the bomb!

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