diffusion of innovationIf you have been, or are currently in a position of leadership, you will well agree with me that most times it is quite a herculean task in successfully getting your team members or followers to take action on something.

The same applies to the consumer market, whether in traditional sales/marketing approach or in direct sales – getting customers to buy your product and gaining market share.

If you fall into any of these categories, you are about to find out why you have not been getting the success you want while companies like Apple are literally being bombarded by ever-loyal return-customers.

You will discover how leaders like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi inspired a whole nation to follow a cause, and how someone like Martin Luther-King had 250,000 motivated people at his famous “I have a dream” speech without a single advert.

This discovery might shock you.

I watched this video by Simon Sinek  and I have been inspired to a very high level because I now know exactly why my business took a plummet when it did, and how to skyrocket it.


Okay! I love Simon Sinek and I used to get his daily emails with one inspirational tip or quote but it seems to have stopped. Let me know if you are on his email list and still get his emails.

[UPDATE: He still sends them. I just needed to look in the right folder!] 


Watch This Video To Learn How To Move People To Action. Make sure you have a pen and paper ready to take notes!

The Golden Circle

Every business knows What They Do, most know How they do it but very few know exactly Why they do it.

If you find that you are doing a lot of prospecting and activity and you are not getting good results, you may need to review your communication strategy and probably flip your conversation.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.
The goal is not to do business with people who need what you have, the goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.

How To Get More Better Results In Business

Make connections with people who believe in what you believe.

While building rapport, bear in mind that a lot of people are looking for a way to spend more time with their families and need extra income to support themselves or apply towards specific issues.

Many others are just looking for something bigger than themselves and want to be part of an inspiring community of achievers.

Some are simply just looking for love and acceptance. These are the emotions and factors that drive behavior and this is what you want to lead your communication with.

People Decide Emotionally and the Justify Logically.

Lead with Why and see your results increase dramatically. Lead with the benefits of your product or company and leave the features for later. You will find that you will get fewer objections.

Find and establish a common ground with your prospects based on their beliefs and desires and they will decide to do business with you and work with you even before you say what your product or company is.


Was that helpful?

Hopefully you take action and start switching up your conversations to get better results and move people to action.


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    10 replies to "How To Move People To Action For Better Results"

    • Rhosael Ciandre

      Very true Adeposi! and something that has held me back for years, thankfully I have learned this over the past couple of years and now it has all changed. Thank you for posting and the great video!!

      • Adeposi Okupe

        Great that you learnt and developed yourself. Many people are still stuck in their tracks, if only they will just look up and learn the right way to do the business. We are building relationships and what faster way to make a connection than to find a common ground with your audience as fast as possible, which is at the beginning of the conversation versus the end.

    • Lynda Kenny

      I love anything from Simon Sinek so thanks for sharing this today. You are right, it can get frustrating so your post will inspire many to take some action in the right way.

      • Adeposi Okupe

        Definitely right. Once we switch that conversation, the magic begins to happen.

    • Lisa

      Hey Adeposi!

      I was so happy to see this post about Simon Sinek! I became aware of his teachings a couple of years ago and it completely changed the way I thought about leadership and WHY people are moved to take action.
      I read his book, “Start with Why” which I highly recommend to give you another perspective to think about what inspires people to take action on anything.
      I love the examples he gives in the book about companies like Apple, which has a huge following!
      Thanks for sharing this. It’s an important piece of the puzzle for any marketer.

      • Adeposi Okupe

        Got to love him. I have read the book and it’s so rich with value.
        We can learn from these lessons as network marketers. Thanks for stopping by today. Glad you loved the post.

    • Elizabeth English

      Thanks Adeposi for sharing the book from Simon Sineck! I just finished his book last month “Start With Why” it totally opened my eyes on how to get centered on my true why.

      • atmokupe

        You’re welcome Elizabeth. Let’s get that action going. Best wishes.

    • Lynn Brown

      You make some great points here Adeposi and the key is people. Our business is people and how we can serve, solve and help them succeed in what they want in their lives. Our purpose, our story are all things that will connect us to our audience. Knowing your why is key. Thanks for sharing your valuable insight!

      • atmokupe

        Right on point Lynn. Help enough other people get what they want in life and you will get what you want.

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