It’s past midnight and I still can’t sleep

My mind sways to the rhythm of His spirit – permeates my being, oh how deep!

How deep the longing I have – to see your face, to talk with you.

To touch your hands, to walk with you.


How I long for your presence, stay with me forever

Like a lady craves her new found lover, I’d like for us to be together

To fellowship, to commune in absolute tranquil in your feathers

To rest under the shadow of your wings, basking in the abundance of your love so tender


Much more, you are my saviour, my Lord and master

Where shall I go? What shall I do? Here I am Lord, send me wherever.


While some slept, some others pressed into the darkness of the night,

And found treasures from its depths.


PS: – The feeling can’t really be explained. It is best experienced. Press in. The manifest presence of God is real.

    2 replies to "MIDNIGHT"

    • vivian

      Read through ds n it’s really really deep.Nyc one Posi.

      • atmokupe

        Thanks Vivian. It’s truly heart deep!

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