Friends, you’ve got understand this!
You were not created by God just to pay a mortgage. You were not given life simply to keep
food in the refrigerator. Deep down in your heart, you know that’s true.
If this is what you’re doing, you’re probably frustrated with your situation. By the time you turn
sixty, you will look back at your life and say, “Did I enjoy any of this?”
Perhaps you have a nice home, but you are there only between 9pm an 5am. The rest of the
time, you’re helping someone else get rich, and that person is at home playing golf behind his
house and enjoying the company ofh is family and friends, while you’re BUSY AT WORK!

You are worth more than that. You have a purpose to fulfill, and if you don’t pursue it now,
you will be among those looking back with regret at sixty years of age, wondering what they’ve
done with their lives.

I am part of a 2% Nation who have decided not to leave their lives to chance. I’ve made up
my mind to live intentionally, by purpose. It’s only 2% because the bulk of you will still only
gloss over this warning and go back to your boring routine.

There’s a better way!
Don’t live by chance, live by design!
#2%Nation #Futurebydesign

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