A people blessed with potential, abundance of resources – natural and human; ‘in those days’, victims of brutal slavery, and now lawful captives, still enslaved mentally.
Physical shackles long broken but my people, adapted to the mentality of a slave, dependence on another for sustenance; once bound hands, feet and lips, but even after independence, they stayed back in the prison wards, to feed on meagre food rations; a consumer nation – exporting her breast milk only to buy it back in tins and sachets (plus shipping and port fees). Selah

In many ways, we live like the elephant with the thread tied to its feet. Mighty potentials but no traction, brilliant ideas but no implementation, so much energy but no momentum. Selah

If only my people knew what we could achieve if we would look inwards, fan the flames in the hearts of our youth.
We would emerge a strong tower, a refuge for other nations, a corner stone. An icon, an example, a standard.
If only we knew that our freedom lies within our own hands.

    2 replies to "Liberated yet enslaved . ."

    • kutukamus

      How true. A set of shackles is one thing, but the confinement deep within is quite another.

      • atmokupe

        I agree with you, mental slavery is a deeper and Stronger bondage than prison bars and chains.

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