The first place most new Network Marketers storm into these days is Facebook. Why?

Because it’s easy. It’s comfortable.

Easy to post that you’re excited about your new company and that they have the best compensation plan in the world.
Easy to paste your website link every morning with the hope that one of your friends may click on that link that may change their lives forever.  [This is what is called SPAMMING actually]

Sound familiar?

I guess so because I did it too when I first got started in Network Marketing. But then, with personal development and coaching from my mentors, I began to learn that you actually repel potential customers away by doing all those things.
The Internet is a very powerful platform and if used right will catapult your home business into huge momentum!

So stop for a moment, watch the video below and see the easy and healthy way to build your mlm business and recruit more reps on social media.

Did you gain something from that? Now know how to use social media right?

Great! Kindly comment below and share this to help out other network marketers from spamming their friends and hurting relationships on social media.

Make life worth living!

Adeposi Okupe

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