In spite of all the odds, I still love Nigeria…

I still feel the rush in my veins when I think of her future, her potentials, the possibilities…

I still feel tears well up when I consider the unfruitful years of our heroes’ labours, the high level of resources yet untapped, as our citizens wallow in poverty and obscurity.

I will not forget quickly those courageous lives lost to the fight for democracy and fundamental human rights.

Yet I believe in her future. I perceive a wind of change blowing across the nation.

I feel her strength, latent in every Nigerian. I see the bar rising, a new standard of reckoning, a new lens through which we are beginning to view ourselves and the ever-increasing globalized society.

Maybe the labours of our heroes past are really not in vain, after all.

see Nigeria's future
I see Nigeria’s future

Nigeria, the so-called sleeping giant, is finally waking up; about to take her proper place among nations.

I see her future, our future. The land is green, the harvest is plenty and we are the labourers.

As Nigeria marks her 52nd  year of independence, her citizens must resolve more seriously to make every action count for the realization of a green future, to turn all our negatives into positives.

I recognise that the overall perception of Nigeria is a collection of results of all our individual actions, so I look to protect and project the ideal image of Nigeria – a land of intelligent, resilient, and the happiest people in the world.
Nigeria – home of the best entrepreneurs the world is yet to see; with incredibly high untapped human capital and resource potentials – the upcoming world economic power.

This is what we want, this is what I want. We can make it happen, and that is exactly what we are going to do.

I am Nigeria, Nigeria is me. Whatever I do affects her and who she is affects me.

Wake up Nigeria! The World awaits your manifestation!

Wake up Nigeria

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    • kenos

      Nice one bro, i feel what you feel for Nigeria, its very certain Nigeria will rise again, but we all need to have the belief and work together to bring things back in shape, Nigeria will be well again………..

    • Theo

      Your thoughts are almost inspiring. For me, I think the journey to greatness for our country is very far. “A man of the people”, book by Chinua Achebe, I finally made time to read and complete reading some time last year or two years ago. I found the book was written before I was born and I could not help but wonder if the same things (corruption, electoral malpractises, ignorance to voting rights, the negative crowd mentality) written about would not remain “issues” when my child is my age.
      In the book, there seemed in the end victory for the course of the right, just as we have few pockets of such victory in our time. And again, I can not help but wonder about the veracity of such victories (premeditated on vengance of godfathers and offended power brokers).
      I agree it should/will start from one step, so I do my best in any endeavour and pray to God it adds up to the few scattered pockets of such good works.
      I thank you for piece all the same. But my faith is battered, I am quite fatigued by the thoughts of a great future Nigeria.

      • atmokupe

        I agree completely with you.
        We have all suffered from failed hopes and short-lived dreams. But I can actively see some drivers of this change arising at different corners of the nation which is a new development.
        I believe the major problem of Nigeria is knowledge. He who does not know his rights cannot fight for it.
        But we are getting more knowledgeable in all aspects of living and it is getting increasingly difficult for some politician to bamboozle us and take us for a ride due to our ignorance.
        We are learning that we, and not those in Aso Rock, are indeed responsible for our future and happiness.

        Nigeria is indeed waking up. I see this through initiatives like The Platform by Covenant Christian Center, where leaders and entrepreneurs are emerging sporadically; DWSeries, a monthly symposium where young minds gather to share ideas and which seeks to forge active collaboration between students (or youths) and the industry in the fields of art, design and business. It is clear that we can effect a faster and more effective development of our economy if we approach economic development jointly as Private Sector Participants, stakeholders join hands with the government to implement projects.
        The internet is here, we know stuff now; we can compare our situation with other nations. Nigerians in Diaspora are fast learning that home is where they want to contribute their productivity.

        The only danger is if we lose faith, which is the fuel for this new Nigeria we all desire.
        If I lose faith, I automatically believe everyone else equally has lost faith in a brighter future for the country, but if I hold on to my faith and make it known through my actions, words and principles, I still have cause to believe that there are others like me out there who view Nigeria through the lens of change, a new kind of development (not totally dependent on the decisions of a select few), that our future actually is in our hands.

        I see Nigeria that way, and that is what I continually confess. I believe what you continually behold, you will eventually become. We just need enough Nigerians to see it this way.
        Funny enough, because of the universal law of attraction, I seem to have attracted people and events in my life that believe in the same cause and soon enough, a strong enough chunk of Nigerian citizens will be convinced to actually MAKE THE CHANGE and BE THE CHANGE they want to see. Presently, most of us think it is the next man’s responsibility, just as one politician comes up and says every other politician is corrupt (except himself obviously).

        I see Nigeria becoming great very soon, and Nigeria needs you to believe that too.
        Thanks for stopping by to read and to add your views. I really appreciate it.

    • atmokupe

      Thanks for your comment kenos. Yes, though faith and will mark the beginning steps of any process of change, faith without works is dead. I believe it is only with our hands that we can and will create the future we want to experience.

    • tonydeji

      Strong leadership will aid easy followership. Nigeria needs a deliberate plan (that incorporates her culture). Nigeria needs more planning ,so that action can be rapid. Nice thoughts Adeposi!

      • atmokupe

        Right on point Tony.
        I believe that’s the next level for us. We just have to get enough passionate citizens to put their hands on the plough.
        There are many things to be put in place, I still have to read Dapo Akintunde’s book, “Central Intelligence”.

    • Jewel Okwechime

      Great article, Posi! It had chills down my spine! Thank you for inspiring me. It feels me with joy to read such positive writings about Nigeria. God bless x

      • atmokupe

        Thanks Jewel for reading my post. And with more people like you committed to impacting lives in Nigeria by improving standards of living, a better future is indeed guaranteed.
        Thanks again.

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