retention in network marketingRemember why you got started in the first place?

Was it to build an ever-growing residual income stream so you could enjoy time and money freedom? . . .Something around that right?

Well, I’m sure by now if you’ve been building, you are aware that Network Marketing Success is not only about getting people to sign up into your downline.

If you can’t keep them from quitting, you will not be able to build a sustainable business.

Clue: Network Marketing Success is about building a growing income stream that you can actually walk away from if you choose to and it will still keep growing without your involvement.

Do you have that? Keep building and taking massive action but also learn how to increase retention so you can get to your walk-away income much faster.

How To Increase Retention

A good idea of what collapses organizations is that members are quitting faster than the team is signing up new ones. It’s like a funnel. People will always quit in anything in life because that’s what people do. It’s natural. But you can be smart about your business and learn How to Increase Retention In Your MLM Business so that the number of people quitting are much lesser than the number that is being added.

In this video, you will learn:

  • What to do to your customers and reps to make them stick with you for a longer period
  • Why you must take this training REEEAALLLY seriously. . (clue: there are lions out there! O_O)
  • The Simplest Free System you can use to build community within your team and increase retention
  • The one thing you can do to motivate the action takers that also inspires the non-action takers in your team to start taking action.

Ready to Increase Retention In Your MLM Business? Watch The Video Below and Make Sure To Take Notes

Building Your Network Marketing Business is like fetching water into a bucket with a hole at the bottom. For any substantial amount of water to be in the bucket, you must be filling in faster than water is leaking out. That’s the simplest way I can explain how building an MLM Business really is.

The following steps will help you Increase Customer Retention In Your Organization as well as inspire your distributors to take more action:

1| Consistently Give Them More Reasons To Stay

retention in network marketing  Before you hiss at me, let me explain. I know it sounds simple and stupid for me to say that because it’s like common sense, right? Yes, but are you actually doing that?

Let’s see if you’re guilty of this? You are probably spending the larger percentage of your time prospecting and giving your potential customers 101 reasons why they should join your mlm business, but that’s about where it stops.

And if you understand the value game, you are possibly pumping out lot’s of amazing content into the market place, but let’s examine the intention behind that – it is geared to attract new leads to join your list and eventually become customers, right?

So Back to the question . .

What happens when they enrol and join your organization? . . When they are going through their own phase of figuring it all out and understanding what it will take them to succeed?

Will you be there to remind them why they started in the first place and inspire them to keep going?

Make a conscious effort to Give Value To Your Customers and Distributors, and not only to your prospects.

2| Support Your Team

I perfectly agree that it’s out-rightly wrong to baby-sit your team members or spoon-feed them because that does not encourage leadership growth and duplication. However, you must ensure that there are support systems in place to help your team build their business.

Make sure to plug your new members into the team support system and ensure that they are familiar with the tools they will be needing to build their business and the platforms they have at hand.

Here are different ways you can set up systems to support your team, you can choose one that is easiest for you to start up or a combination:

  • Team Conference Calls: You can do wake-up calls, or night calls to motivate and inspire your team. Share success stories and invite team members that are creating success to share their stories and create social proof. This is a great opportunity to remind them why they got started and encourage them to keep going on and not quit. See how it works?
  • LIVE Group Presentations: You can set up webinars and hangouts where your team members invite their prospects and a leader does the presentation. This is an awesome leveraging tool as webinars can have anywhere from a few people to several thousands of live participants and if done weekly and consistently, it is a huge asset in exploding your team numbers through massive duplication and sheer action.
  • Hangouts: You can do Google Hangouts (free) periodically to bond and inspire your team. This can be private and used as an incentive as only members at a certain level can be on the private hangout. You can go in-depth into advanced training and dissect the techniques to build their business so those who are on this hangout know they are gaining more value as a reward for producing results, and the other team members who are not on the private hangout list will be encouraged to qualify.
    The idea here is not to segregate but to create variety with your team activities and you can be creative about it as well, as it can also be a physical hangout or a reward trip or retreat to celebrate some action takers.
  • Facebook Support Group: This is the easiest way to support your team. You don’t need any specialized knowledge or start-up cost to set this up, but it is one of the most important tools in building a massive organization and to Increase Retention In Your MLM Business. In fact, I don’t think there is any successful MLM Organization that does not have a Facebook Support Group. There’s a very high chance your team already has one, but if they don’t (and I will be shocked to find out), step up as the leader and create one for the team.Little things like the welcome shout- out for new members are so powerful and the group also enables you to further bond and deepen the relationship with your members and interact daily which greatly will Increase Retention In Your MLM Business.

3| Celebrate Your Team

People will work for a living but they will die for recognition 

This is so so important. Have you ever been recognized on stage at your company event? The feeling is out of this world. And companies do that for a reason!

Recognition motivates both the person being celebrated and those watching. It’s a win-win situation. . . But You don’t need to wait for the next event to do recognition. This is another benefit of the support groups on Facebook.

Recognize your new team mates by doing a shout out to introduce them and welcome them to the group. A new member joining your team and having tens or people extend warm welcome and regards makes them feel at home and more engaged.

Recognize the action takers and celebrate small wins.

Celebrate someone who got their first sign-up or hit their first rank, or the next rank or achieved a milestone in their personal goals.

Celebrating your team members will further motivate the action takers and inspire the non-action takers to take action just for the simple reason that they also want to be recognized. You can be creative and organize team competitions or blitzes to foster participation and team spirit and also celebrate the winners and participants.

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Was that helpful? Hopefully you took notes and will be implementing. Let me know if you enjoyed these tips.


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    • Gerry Morand

      Thanks for these great tips on retention. So many people feel their job is done once the sale is made. In truth, this is just the beginning.

      • atmokupe

        Totally agree. If we see the customer beyond just the initial commission, we can actually convert them into distributors and develop them into powerful leaders that will make you millions over several years.

    • Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

      I enjoyed this post some great points I find a big difference when using live trainings for my team when it comes to retaining members in my online businesses.

      • atmokupe

        Yes Sotiris. Live trainings can make a huge difference and thanks to technology, we can now have live trainings right from our homes through live stream videos, hangouts and even telecasts.

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