Today, I’d like to share three tips to increase yourproductivity productivity in your business without necessarily putting in any extra effort.

That entrepreneurs are busy people is not a new story in any way. . and you might as well already know that not all activities are profit producing activities.

In other words, the fact that you are busy doesn’t necessarily mean that you are growing your business.

You must always make sure that you spend the larger percentage of your time doing profit producing activities.

In Network Marketing, that means prospecting and presenting . . getting more eyeballs on your product offering or business opportunity is what drives revenue in your home business.

Any other thing such as training new reps, filing your paperwork, reading books and listening to training material, and even motivating your team!

3 Tips To Triple Your Productivity in your Network Marketing Business.

1. Schedule Strictly / Daily Routine:

You should spend about 70% of your time on profit producing activities, the rest can be shared between training, personal development, and other aspects of your business.
This can be very hard to do if you don’t have a schedule and the discipline to follow through.

How many people a day are you showing the deal?

Or If you want to go like Ray Higdon, how many No’s a day must you clock in, no matter what?

Have a daily routine and schedule time for your personal development, prospecting, etc.

2. Find Your Spots

Maybe you don’t realize, but unconsciously we all have some physical spots that we are familiar with for doing certain activities.

You may not have consciously chosen these spots, but if you take a minute to check, you will find that you have different spots for different things.

Call them your Sacred Spots!

If you have a home office, this may be the spot for most of your business activities indoors.

However, you may find that you feel better postured and confident making invitation calls at certain positions, locations around your home.

While I was still living with my parents before I moved to Lekki, I found out that I felt more in control making calls while standing on the front patio overlooking the fish pond.

For some reason that just worked for me.

I also realized I think and write faster while sitting at the Dining and listening to some soft music. Right now, I’m listening to some classical music, Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’ while typing this post.

Find and commit to these sacred spots and you can easily double or triple your productivity without any extra effort.


3. Reward Yourself

I can’t remember who I heard this from but I learnt that the human brain either fights, flights or freezes when it presented with information overload.

So you have to Set high and lofty goals to inspire you and get your juices flowing, but break them down into smaller objectives for accomplishment.

Now, after you hit some an objective, learn to reward yourself with something.

Obviously, don’t go overboard with this. You may reward yourself with as little as a cup of ice-cream, or a movie night out with the kids, or something like that.

There you go!

3 Quick Tips to Increase your MLM Productivity. . I hope you found value out of this and apply them to achieve Network Marketing Success.

If you did, please drop a comment and share which one resonates with you the most or which of them you are already applying.

I’d love to hear from you. Let’s get the discussion rolling.

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I’m curious! Can you recognize some of your sacred spots, please share one or two in the comment box below . .

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