Isn’t there an apparent effect on believers knowing that their will always be a session of confession and asking for forgiveness every Sunday?

Does this give us a little extra confidence to sin during the week, ultimately waiting for Sunday’s chance to repent?

I want to know your views…

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    • vivian

      Wel,I dnt bliv in a Sunday confession cos it’s risky.Y wait till Sunday or even evening or wen u want 2 Pray b4 u confess ur sins b4 ur maker,wot if rapture takes place b4 den?…No xcuse will b welcomed at d gate,it’s either ur name is in d book or not.No special time would b given for reasons as 2 why we committed sin,remember no sinner will enter in2 d kingdom of God…Glory 2 God!

      • atmokupe

        Yeah, and its a sadly true observation I’ve made recently in services I have attended, and it gave me some concern.

    • Oguntade Mercy Damilola

      Sunday confession as Vivian said is risky. Best thing is to always have that constant reminder that pricks u when u go astray so u can act immediately. And if u don’t hav it, pray 4 it.

      • atmokupe

        Yea. But have you ever thought of a life without sin? Do you think that’s possible. What do you sincerely feel about that?

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