What if you hustled to create your future with the same amount of energy that you put in to keep your day job?

Do you agree that you probably are not putting in the required effort to create the success you desire? In today’s video I share an earlier recording in February that hits the nail right on the head when it comes to hustling for your future.

Hustle for your future

My standpoint is that you should keep your job and do your due diligence in order to put food on the table and cater for those you are responsible for, but don’t settle there. . .

Start your business on the side and grow it to surpass the income you earn from your job and by so doing, create true time and money freedom.

Work 9 – 5 on your job to make a living. . . Work 5 – 10 on your passion to make your fortune

If you are not getting the results you desire in your home business, it simply means you are not putting in the right effort on the right actions to build your business.

Many times we treat our businesses with so much laxity and really do things that you would not expect an employee to do if it was a real job.

Consider your day job. . .

time to decideYou would make sure you came in on time, and showed up every single day, right?

You would ensure you delivered on your quota, and even surpass it to gain a stance for bonuses of promotions, right?

If you do not apply these same simple disciplines to your home business, it will never get off the ground in terms of growth.

If you treat it as a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby. . but if you  treat it as a business, it will pay you like a business does.

You get to decide how you want to get paid by how you approach your business.

Take the same hustle you put to keep your day job, and double it on your passion / home business and you will see results.

The problem most of the time is that in a job, we have the systems there to keep us in check and there are penalties for defaulting. But in our home business, because we are the CEOs of our home business, we allow ourselves get away with indiscipline.


Make a commitment to get back to hustling for your future. Your future self and lifestyle are begging for it. Listen to them.

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I’m curious! Let me know in the comment box if you are re-committing to hustle for your future. . . If not, why? Let’s get talking!

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    3 replies to "Hustle for your future"

    • Carol Makowski

      Great concept, Adeposi. Apply the same hustle to our business as we do to our job — or in my case, as I did on my job. I no longer work a job. Since the company event last weekend, I have my nose to the grindstone!

      • atmokupe

        That’s wonderful Carol. Let’s get that goal in the bag!

    • Dereco Cherry

      Nice post! You are right if you treat this like a hobby you will make hobby money!

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