Patrick Ogidi is the Grand Commander of Mini-Importation in Nigeria. Ronald Nzimora coined that name and it stuck, because Patrick’s results prove it.

I sat down for 30 minutes with Patrick, to pick his brain on how anyone can start a mini-importation business on a small scale and grow it to 6 – 8 figures weekly income. .

Yes you heard that right. I did not make it up.

He and his students make between 6 – 8 figures weekly selling small products to Nigerians, and you know we love our consumables.

Watch this video to learn how you can start up your own mini-importation business with very little capital and grow it to a million Naira business in a short period.

It’s all about the magic of small business. How you can take a small idea, invest a little capital to start it and reinvest the profits to scale it into a big business.

You will learn how to find hot products that are in high demand, how to find best prices to source for these products, ship them down to Nigeria for next to nothing and sell them for up to 1000% profit.

How to Start a Mini-Importation Business in Nigeria

What I love about this business idea is that you can start right where you are.

Patrick Ogidi goes into all the details of the processes required to operate this business efficiently:

  1. Finding Hot ‘In-demand’ products
    He calls this ‘products that sell like garri’. Look for products that solve problems and that people will buy no matter what season or economic situation they find themselves in.
  2. How to Source for these products at the best price.
    There is always a better price and a sweeter bargain if you are only consistent enough to keep looking.
  3. Marketing and Selling
    The internet has made it very possible and even affordable to find your target customers and market directly to them without any middle-man, so with the right knowledge and strategies, you can make more money and keep more of your profits.In the video, Patrick shared about marketing platforms like Facebook, selling on marketplace giants like Konga, Jumia, or setting up your own Mini-Ecommerce store where you can control everything. (He even helps his students do this)
  4. Deliveries
    How to deal with delivery companies, ensuring that they deliver your products on time and also remit your profits to you as at when due.

Here are some of the tips from the video [You need to watch the full video to get all of the mini-importation secrets].

  • Building a Mini-Importation Business is not so different from building any other kind of business.
    You are dealing with people and you need to learn how to bargain, market, follow up, and all the disciplines that entrepreneurs require to be successful.
  • Take Massive Imperfect Action
    Don’t be overwhelmed by all you need to learn and do. Most times the road only gets clearer after you begin and take the first steps.

Inside Patrick’s course, the Ecomtycoon, you will learn absolutely everything you need to know to start up a profitable mini-importation business in Nigeria and scale it as large as you want .

Was that helpful? It’s time to take action.

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    • Ayodele Omoniyi

      Wao this is a great lesson. Please, how about shipping options in aliexpress?

    • Ivara Imo

      Good morning, Pat please I have paid for your course but I have not been link to the platform I paid 30k please help

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        Hi Ivara,
        I have sent you a private email. Did you purchase through my link or directly from Pat’s site? Let’s chat and I will help sort you out. Cheers.

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