I embarked on a Twitter Lead Generation Campaign ehow to generate leads on twitterarly last week that kind of into a gold mine. .

How would you feel if yo
u just stumbled on a simply yet powerful way to generate an extra 15+ leads every day from Twitter? Great, Yea?

In this article I share exactly word-for-word what I said to the prospects that reached out to me on twitter.

If you haven’t watched part one of this tutorial, I share in-depth how I got tens of cold prospects reaching out to me within 10 minutes eager to see my business and work with me.

Go here to watch it: [PART 1] How to Generate Leads On-Demand On Twitter

How To Pre-Qualify These Prospects & Get Them Excited To Join Your Email List

Special thanks to my buddy Vitaliy Dubinin for sharing the framework that made this all very easy to implement. He shared some amazing tips in our daily wake-up call for our Online Marketing Community last week that inspired me to take this action and get these results.

The whole idea of this strategy is first and foremost to build your list, then send them to your presentation, and then enable you follow up with them or market other products/ services to them later on.

I was using a System Campaign from My Online Marketing Platform for this campaign, but you can set up your capture page with LeadPages or any other service and get the same result. If you like to get Done-For-You Capture Pages and Sales Funnels you can check out this Cool Platform I use.

If you don’t have a system to generate and capture leads, building a successful online business may be a bit difficult because others will always be ahead of you with automation, leveraged systems and tools.

Surprise. . Surprise!

After I posted Part 1 of this training, I actually discovered that I made a first time appearance on my Online Community Leaderboard for Lead Generation. This was not a goal and I wasn’t even thinking of it, I was only thinking of how to generate leads on twitter for my business, but I guess good things happen when you take action, right?

Watch How To Convert Cold Twitter Prospects To Join Your Email List

Grab a Pen and Notepad to take notes.

BOOM! Now you know exactly how I did it and you can repeat the same process and get the same results. Be sure to let me know how it goes :).

Note: The Bottom line here is to take action. While it is important to have things like your email autoresponder setup and your Internet Marketing Platform to take advantage of the system and automation, don’t let them stop you if you don’t have them set up. Just take action.

Whatever you do, just take action. Manually collect their email addresses and phone numbers if that’s all you can do for now. Start from somewhere.

How To Generate Leads On Twitter In 4 Simple Steps 

1| Bbuild rapprtuild Rapport:

These prospects are hard cold and you need to warm them up a little even though they will come asking directly what you
r business is about. Also make sure to take control of the conversation right from the onset. Use the scripts I give in the video tutorial if you like them or you can put them in your own words. Ask the right questions to make them open up and tell you their core desires.

2| Instantly Build Authority:

Probe deeper and establish to them that this is a serious opportunity that can change their lives. Asking how much monthly income will be life changing for them will get them thinking that this is something that can actually make a great impact in their lives financially.

Also asking if they are prepared and how much they are willing to invest in their personal development and growing their business is a great pre-qualifier to know those who you should proceed with.

Note: In Online Lead Generation and Prospecting, always look to disqualify people. The more targeted your leads, the more effective your list will be. A lot of people are looking for a handout in business and are not ready to put in the required efforts, time and money to learn the skills, strategies that work and to apply them in their business. You don’t want those people.

3| Establish Posture:

Let them qualify for your time. Tell them upfront that you are a very busy person and only work with serious people who are committed in making a difference in their lives by being coachable and following the easy steps consistently over a period of time. I disqualify people at this point who start raising eyebrows and asking what I mean by coachable and asking me to go straight to the point.

4| Call To Action:

You need to give a clear call to action. I don’t only give them the link the go to, I tell them exactly what I want them to do when they get to the capture page. My Call to action looks like this:

“I’ll send you to my website bit.ly/1TLg0o3 enter your name and email and watch the 19min video on the next page. I’ll answer your questions afterwards.”

Bonus Tip:  The Fortune Is In The Follow Up!

Your number 1 victory is getting these prospects on your list. If you set it up the way I taught in this tutorial, you will get most of the people there on your list. The ones that may have issues are usually those with internet connection problems, although some of them can opt in but cannot watch the video because of poor connection.

Anybody can learn how to generate leads, but the fortune is in the follow up. I replied some of those who opted in and got their phone numbers so I’m going to be following up by phone as well as by email, and I’m excited to see how it all turns out.

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    • Lynda Kenny

      Thanks for a great post. I am using Twitter more and more lately and quite like it. I loved your points about follow up as well. Follow up is key to building our relationships with people on our list.

    • Justin Barclay

      Follow up is the key!

    • Ron Deering

      Part 2 was as packed full as part 1…. great stuff Adeposi… thanks for sharing

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