Want to know how to generate leads on Twitter? Today I cover a ridiculously simple strategy that I discovered two days ago which has allowed me generate 15 leads a day on average.

The lifeblood of any online business is Lead Generation, and if your business is not generating fresh targeted leads every single day, you will not have a sustainable online business. . period!

If you are reading this, I know you are interested in generating leads through social media and Twitter is a phenomenal platform for engagement and for lead generation.

Just imagine what 15+ leads a day on average can do for your business now.  . that’s 450+ leads in a month just from this one simple strategy you are about to learn.

Here’s a snapshot of my email notification of leads I got within minutes of using this strategy.

lead generation adeposi okupe

Maybe you are a bit familiar with Twitter, you may have been looking out for hashtags and mentions to do actively prospect, but this strategy actually attracts qualified prospects and puts them in the position to initiate the conversation with you first – which gives you more posture.

The interesting thing about this strategy you are about to learn is that most of these leads will come in within 10 – 15 minutes of doing what I share in the video below.

How To Generate Leads On-Demand On Twitter

Pretty Simple. . Wasn’t it? Here are some tips to increase your Twitter engagement and buzz.

1| Mention an Influencer/ Brand

This is something that is very native to Twitter conversations. But it can literally generate hundreds of leads per month if you master it and learn how to farm it. I haven’t uncovered any limitations to how often you can do this in a day, but I won’t advice you tweet this strategy every second so that people don’t see you as needy.   Twitter mentions adeposi okupe

2| Use Hashtags

Hashtags are also a powerful way to find threads, discussions and people related to your niche subject. Add one or two hashtags and you will get more people seeing your tweets.

Tomorrow, I cover exactly word-for-word what I say to these prospects to get them to my landing page and opt in.

More Resources on Generating Leads On Twitter

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