How To Build Wealth From Nothing

Written by on February 12, 2018

Could your getting rich mindset be a stumbling block to you becoming wealthy?

You probably think that getting rich is the goal of the game, but getting rich alone can be a big source of stress and problems you definitely do not want to have. 

A lot of rich people have high levels of stress and fatigue, suffer from high blood pressure and always have to keep a personal doctor at arms length just to stay safe. 

Being Rich just means having a lot of money. It doesn’t mean you have freedom. 

You can win the lottery and become rich in 1 second, but wealth doesn’t operate that way. 

Wealth is built over a long period of time accumulating assets and building several income producing vehicles.

One key difference between the rich and the wealthy is that while the rich have a lot of money, they continually worry about keeping it and not losing it; but on the flip side, wealthy people never worry about money. 

They have systems in place that guarantee recurrent cash flow and always invest in assets that multiply their money. 

The wealthy are more focused on their purpose and actualizing a specific vision that they have committed their lives to.

See the difference? 

A lot of celebrities are rich, but far from wealthy. Once you remove them from the scene, they go broke before you know it because their income can not match their expenses. 

[VIDEO] 3 Simple Ways to Start Building Wealth

1. Acquire Relevant Knowledge: 

Invest money in books, training, and materials that keep you informed and educated about business, money and your specific industry. 

If you are not knowledgeable enough about your field, you will not be able to identify trends and spot opportunities that the wealthy exploit to increase their wealth.

Commit to a life long habit of learning and always find time for personal development.

2. Develop Your Skills: 

Spotting opportunities is only half of the coin, you also need to be able to execute fast on the opportunities and gain the advantage. 

You need to constantly sharpen your skills to stay at the cutting edge of your business and remain relevant. 

3. Build Relationships: 

This is one of the secrets of the wealthy. They know how to find and keep the right relationships. 

On the flip side, poor people always justify keeping the wrong relationships mostly because they do not want to get out of their comfort zone. 

Spend time and money to ensure that you get into and stay within the right circles that help your mission. 

Join associations, attend meetups, look for masterminds that can raise the level of your game. 

Relationships are the key to opening doors of opportunity and privilege for you.

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