Hey! It’s a very beautiful day in my view from here. This is exactly how you can become the best you can possible be in life.

Why you should have a personal core values list?

Yes, you heard that right.

I picked this up from my friend and mentor – Matt Morris – The power of your personal CORE VALUES list.

Just as any organisation or association would have core values they stand by and will do everything to maintain, this simple yet powerful method will catapult you faster to your dreams than you could ever imagine.

It’s not just about writing out a core values list like an academic exercise, it’s more than that. It’s about ‘living according to a set of values or principles you would love to be associated or recognised for’. That way, it’s easier to review any action or decision and simply see if it aligns with your core values. It’s easier to make choices and be sure you are doing the right things.

So I wrote out my personal values list, some of which I am already practising and would love to continue doing, while some I am still working on and aspiring to be. I went on to my computer, since I spend a lot of my time there, and I made up a wallpaper for myself on my laptop with these core values list so I can see it very often.  So I have a desktop clear of icons and as often as I see that wallpaper I’m reminded of my core values. Isn’t that cool? I can testify to the amazing changes I’ve experienced in my life in just a few days of implementing this strategy.

ACTION POINT:Keep this core values list in front of you every day. Write it out on a sheet of paper, a card, whatever, just make sure you keep it in front of your eyes as much as possible. Think it, Confess it, ACT it, and Become it.

‘What you constantly behold, you eventually become’. It’s a progressive transformation. I make it a habit to SPEAK and DECLARE these traits every day until it registers in my subconscious and that’s where the MAGIC happens. You just find yourself doing these things naturally after a while.

If you believe it, you can achieve it.

Take time NOW to implement this and see how wonderful your life can truly be.

How to create your Personal Core values list

I think it best to refer you to Matt’s website as he detailed how to go about creating your personal core values list. See the original post

You can Check out the top best 20 self-help personal development books of all time compiled by Matt Morris.

Just in this New Year, I have read some amazingly powerful and life-changing books recommended by Jefferson Santos and it has totally transformed my life and the way I view everything. Anyway, that’s for another post but what I want to bring out of that is your THOUGHTS and ACTIONS mould you over time. There are natural principles attached to this that I will explain in another post.

If you need any help or advice concerning this, feel free to contact me through the comment form or email. And to show how much I believe in this and want you also to, you can send me your list and a picture of yourself and I will help you to your personal core values wall paper for laptop, ipad, or mobile phone just like mine free of charge.

My personal core values list
My personal core values list

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