How Frequently Should You Publish Content?

Written by on January 17, 2018

If you are a content producer of any sort, building an audience online or just working to build a trusted brand that people want to associate with, pay close attention.

I started blogging as a teenager and I have come a long way in my development as a content producer, from simple text based articles to medium and long form video content, webinars and platform growth.

I’m going to share with you one things that may be holding you back from really exploding your audience.

It is probably the same reason they are not as engaged with your content as you would like.

When I started the Side Business Network in April 2016, I set a posting schedule of 3 times a day where I would come into the group and drop some valuable content for the readers.

It could be educational, thought provoking or just something fun.

Am I overloading them?

After a couple of weeks, a gentleman who joined my community sent me a private message about how he felt I was posting too much, and that he could not keep up with my posting frequency so I should reduce it.

He also advised that there would possibly be other people who shared the same views in the community and that they might begin to leave I didn’t adhere to his suggestion to post less.

Now as the leader of the community you take feedback seriously, but this is what determined what my reaction would be…

And this applies to whatever channel you are building: Facebook Group, Facebook Page, an email list, twitter, Instagram, YouTube Channel, etc…

But you only need to ask yourself these questions and review the data for yourself:

1. Are you giving amazing content to your audience consistently?

If you are not providing valuable content to your audience, you may want to check if your posting frequency is serving you or holding you back.

It is better to dish out one epic, insanely valuable content per week than to publish mediocre content every day.

But if you are able to publish often and consistently, then there is no reason under heaven not to.

Blog Post frequency and customer acquisition - Best blog length 2017

2. How many people are engaging with your content?

If a good number of people consume your content consistently as you put it out, then there is no reason to stop.

If possible, you need to give them more content or add more content forms to further deepen your engagement.

3. How many people are complaining about your posting frequency?

If you have more people complaining about your posts than those engaging with it or taking up your offers and buying from you, then you may need to re-consider.

But usually, it is usually only a small percentage of your audience that complains this way, and guess what, they are free to unsubscribe or leave your community if they can’t handle it.

4. What caliber of your audience is complaining?

One thing you need to do once you start building an audience is to identify your buyers or action takers. This is your core group that you need to focus on.

The larger percentage will only consume your content and will not take any action and most of the time, it is this segment that complain about your posting frequency.

There are a couple of Influencers that I am subscribed to receive newsletters from. And most of them email me daily, and guess what. .

I read them and I am always looking forward to their emails.
If I do not want to read from them, I would not be subscribed to their email list.

It is as simple as that.

Do not reduce your potential for growth simply because a small percentage of your audience sulk and balk at how you conduct your operations.

You cannot please everybody, so you want to save your energy and value for those who really want it from you.

The more you can narrow down and identify the core group of people that want to hear from you, and pour yourself into them, the faster your audience will grow.

If you try to please everybody, you will end up pleasing nobody.

Go Crush It!

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