In the game of entrepreneurship, the process is more important than the goal.
When you start building a business, you begin a journey, a process
This process has a beginning and an ending and between the beginning and end lays a lot of challenges.
You will win only if you remain faithful to the process

Robert Kiyosaki

Isn’t that so true?

Have you taken some to reflect on some of your accomplishments and found out that the real reward wasn’t the price or the profit, but it was the person you became in the process of achieving that goal?

Focus on the process and focus on the growth and personal development on your journey because those are the things that you will cherish the most, because they are the most valuable. You can lose all the wealth or give away everything to charity and build it all up again faster, better and bigger because you have become the kind of person that can create that success,

The process, guys. . . The process.

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