On episode 6 of the Side Business Network TV show, Adeposi interviews Godwin Benson, Co-founder and CEO of Tuteria talking about how he took his education platform from idea to internationally acclaimed status.

Godwin talks extensively about:

  • How he came up with the idea for Tuteria.
    Entrepreneurs build businesses to solve problems. He talks about how he identified a huge gap in tutoring and set out to fill it.
  • How he left his a good paying job at Deloitte and embraced the uncertainty of entrepreneurship and what led up to that decision.
  • How he started the company in his living room with his partner, and scaled the company up to 23 employees.
  • A huge setback they faced some days to Tuteria’s official launch and how they overcame it.
  • The dynamics of running a start up as a single man VS married man, and how your partner can make your life easier.
  • He closed out the interview with a solid advice to aspiring entrepreneurs not to neglect their employees and service providers while trying to delight customers.

How To Start An Education Platform In Nigeria

Big Take-away

While it is customers that buy your products and services, your employees and/or service providers (in Tuteria’s case, the tutors) can either build up or destroy the platform if you don’t show they you care about them.

Lots of value bombs in this interview. Dig in and watch!

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Check out Tuteria’s website here

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