Futurebydesign is a MOVEMENT of believers who have a yearning in their hearts to take charge of their destiny and make their lives the best it can possibly be!

We are forging a connection among like-minds who refuse to be enslaved by statusquo and conventional means. We decline the invitation to be SHEEP-WALKERS – people who are half-asleep, dispassionately following instructions, fitting in.

We are a tribe that does not conform to dysfunctional societal programming, who want to stand up for what they feel deep inside.

Stand upThe movement, the leadership we’re doing is finding a group that’s disconnected but already has a yearning, not persuading people to want something they don’t have yet.
We are not looking for everybody. We are just looking for a few people who look at the rules, realize they make no sense, and realize they want to be connected to purposeful living.

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