struggling marketerAre you Struggling to make money on the internet, or you’re not getting the results you desire, this training on the Four Types Of Marketing will help you make more sales to build your online internet and network marketing business online!

Let’s dive in. .

The first step in going from frustration to massive success in your business is identifying where you are, mapping out where you want to be and then finding out the necessary steps you need to take to get there.

One of my favourite saying is from Albert Einstein, ‘The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’

These Four Types of Marketing will help you see where you fall in the spectrum of online marketing, and help you figure out the missing pieces in the puzzle, in order to create the success you desire.

These principles work whether you are in Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Sell Your Own Products and Courses, or you own a traditional brick and mortar business and you’re looking to leverage the power of the internet to scale up your business.
four categories, show you, see where you fall, see missing pieces of the puzzle to create the success you desire.

It’s a known statistic that about 95% of online marketers make less than $100 a month.

What you don’t know can hurt you and kill your business, and in the world of online business, ignorance is definitely not bliss and I’m grateful to Vick Stizheus from for opening my eyes to this.

Vick was able to build a list of over 500,000 leads using what I will share with you in category four and not spending any extra money on paid ads.

In this training, you will learn:

  • What the herd of marketers out there are doing, why they are failing and frustrated and how you can differentiate yourself and achieve success,
  • How to increase your chances of making a sale to your prospect,
  • What to do to instantly brand yourself as an expert even if you are just getting started with network or internet marketing,
  • A viral strategy to scale up your sales and email list without spending any extra money on advertising.

Watch this Video To Learn The Four Types Of Marketing

Where Do You Fall In These Four Types of Marketing?

1| Amateur Marketing

[ Traffic >> Offer ]

Amateur marketers are simply trying to sell their product to more people, and they see the internet as potential pool of billions of people to shoot at. Whether it’s via emails or social media or advertising, if you are simply driving traffic to your product offer/ sales page, you are an amateur marketer. It’s not a bad place to start but you can not Build A Profitable Business Online and have the freedom you desire at this level.

Amateur Marketers rely on the back bone that marketing is all a number’s game and the amount of sales you make is directly related to the number of people you expose to your offer on a daily basis . . . which is true.

Whether it’s offline or online, some will say Yes and some will say No, right?

While that is true, there is a second component that makes all the difference, which I will cover later on in this article.

2| Typical Marketing

Traffic >> Replicated Landing Page >> Offer ]

If you are a typical marketer, you are one step ahead of the amateur in the four types of marketing. You know better than to drive traffic straight to your sales page or your offer.

If your company knows what they are doing, you have a replicated landing page or marketing website, a generic page that you drive traffic to in order to capture leads, build your list and follow up with them after wards.

So you drive traffic to your replicated landing page which has some video or information introducing the offer and selling them on making a decision to buy or get started now.

The problem with this is that there is no brand equity. You’re still selling to people who do not know, like and trust you yet.

Your replicated landing page brands your company and not you, so you can not leverage on your unique positioning or authority status as the expert in this situation.

Bad idea!

It works much better than the amateur level but still far cry from what is possible in the online world of marketing.

Are you getting value so far? Already see where you fall in the four types of marketing? If yes, that’s great and you probably know what is wrong and why you are getting frustrated in your business.
Still read on, we are only two down and we still have two to go in the four types of marketing and I’m going to show you how to get started with all this at the end of this training.

3| Professional Marketing

[ Traffic >> Customized Landing Page >> Lead Magnet (Pre-frame) >> Offer ]

Professional marketers take it a notch higher than the typical marketers and first of all never use a replicated landing page that is automatically generated when you join your company.

Professionals use a customized landing page that brands you and presents you as the expert offering your prospect a solution to their need.

Why a Customized Landing Page?

side business network landing pageOne of the simplest landing page templates is one that has a short video introduction on the form and a simple form on the right allowing your lead to give your their name and email in exchange for the information or tool you are offering (Lead magnet).

The biggest take-away here is that a customized landing page brands you while a replicated landing page brands your company. In the online world, where trust is key and brand equity is everything, you always want to leverage your expert status even if you are just getting started.

A customized landing page allows you create rapport very fast and build a relationship with your prospect before making the offer. You have the opportunity to get them to know your back story, establish their pain point, and pull out their need and also to reinforce why they need to pay attention to what you are saying and why you can help them get what they want.

There are many landing page services like Leadpages, Instapages,  ClickFunnels, Getresponse (30-day free trial) and Optimize Press with customizable landing page templates which is what I used for my lead magnet offer.

My definition of an expert online is someone who know a little more than the person he is trying to teach or help.

This small change is the difference between making less than $100 monthly and making tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars online.

So hey, let’s get back to the training on the four types of marketing.

Your customized landing page promotes your lead magnet. This is a Game changer because you are giving them value right away rather than asking them to pull out their credit card.

Not only will this build up your email list very quickly, the lead magnet give you a lot more leverage to build relationship, rapport and actually introduce the offer without having to sell it.

The lead magnet gives tons of value and get’s them to know like and trust you as their friend and guide in whatever situation they are in, and then it pre-frames the offer and transitions easily without sounding salesy.

Let me ask you this, how many times have you watched a quick video on youtube or read a free e-book or cheat sheet felt very grateful to the creator that you wanted to get more from them or simply buy  other stuff they have. I mean if this free e-book is so good, I wonder how good the paid course is, right?

Adeposi, How far do I need to go with this?

Your lead magnet can be a quick video that gives the promised information and ends with an invitation for them to find out more, learn more or get started, whatever it is your offer provides, and that’s a more reliable way to present your offer. . as the next step to their success.

Once they are wowed by the value you have provided in the lead magnet, and they now want more information or resources, or just an opportunity to work with you, there you are with your offer. . BAM!

men on a mission4| Elite marketing

[ Traffic >> Customized Landing Page >> Lead Magnet (pre-frame) >> Offer >> Regenerative Traffic Method ]

If you are an elite marketer, you are at the alpha level in these four types of marketing.

All you need is the initial boost to get traffic into your funnel, and you can literally turn water to wine as an elite marketer. Hope the analogy makes sense?

The elite marketer uses a regenerative traffic method to multiply prospects and scale up lead generation and sales. You can multiply one prospect into five more prospects coming into your funnel, using a viral component in your funnel which I will explain.

There are many ways to go about this but a simple way is after proving the lead magnet and building up your prospect’s interest, you let them choose between buying your offer (the next step) or to share a unique link to ‘five’ or so other people in order to proceed and get the next step of information for free and you can do the same for the next step after that and so on.

So you either make a sale or get leads, and obviously this will be tracked so you ensure people are actually hitting their share target before you give them the information.

Guess what page your new prospects are going to land on when they get into your funnel?

Your Customized Landing Page!

See how that works?

It’s just a little tweak, a little knowledge that get’s you from professional to the Elite level in the four types of marketing.

You can pretty much scale up your income by 10x without spending any extra money on paid ads to drive traffic. This is the Elite level in the four types of marketing and you pretty much can ride the wave once you have this set up.

There you go!

How was that for some Marketing Training? I literally just gave you the road map to a Seven Figure Online Business!

But if you are reading this and you are in my audience, there is a high chance that you fall within the amateur and typical category and you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with how to get started with all this.

You know you want to be at the Elite level but you just don’t know how to get there.

How To Get Started

Smart marketers know that to create success on the internet, you need a system – a platform that integrates all these components into one location and makes them available to you.

One way is to figure it all out on your own, but successful people really just find out what’s working and take massive action.

The Best Way To Build Your Business Online

In my opinion, the best way to build you home business on the internet is to find a platform that takes the best of network marketing, affiliate marketing, high ticket offers all in one platform, and offers the necessary training on how to implement and build a 6 to 7-figure business online.

Still struggling to figure out this whole online marketing thing to make money in your business, Click Here to be personally mentored by me in setting up and building your online business.

Was that helpful? Hopefully you took notes and will be taking massive action. Let me know if you enjoyed these tips and you need any help getting started with it.


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    • Mr Chris Carter

      Great post Adeposi, hmmmm looking at this post I would say I’m leaving the “Typical Marketer” phase and heading towards the professional Marketer phase. I still have a few adjustments to make with my marketing but I can see myself being a professional marketer by 2016!

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        I see you are taking action my friend, just need to make those adjustments. Let’s make that 2015 though. .Why not? 🙂

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      Thanks for these tips! I recognized myself in each of the stages that you discussed. When I started as an amateur marketer, I gained lots of customers and income, but if the traffic went away, the business went flat.
      We must go through all these stages as learn and evolve as professionals!
      Here’s to being an elite marketer!

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