We all have that moment when we have it bad. It’s not just ‘not good’ , its quite bad and we cant deny it , even to ourselves. Even after all the motivation and inspirational books we’ve read and when we’re sure we’re on the right track, there’s always that point we get to when we ask ourselves, “Do we really want to go this route?”.  Yes the road to success is often the road less traveled but should it be this hard? “Should life batter me and frustrate every single attempt I make just because I want to live a better life?” But if we think deep enough, it is only then we can truly understand all the success stories we heard about. Because the letters do not bring as much meaning to us as when we experience the same challenges that these heroes overcame. It is then we will understand what it truly means to decide to win, that it will take much more than a casual agreement to go the extra mile, that it will take a great deal of courage, bravery, perseverance and persistence. . . .and then we will truly know, beyond any doubt, whether we have truly decided to win. #Futurebydesign

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