Here’s some Raw, Explosive Motivation for your from Eric Thomas (The Hiphop Preacher)

In order to achieve greatness, you have to look beyond just your goals and establish why you must succeed.

It’s easy to give up when your goals are only for you, but when you have a goal that affects many other people and you have lives depending on you to succeed in your business, then you have an extra reason to get up and make it happen.

Watch This 2-minute Video To Get Raw Instant Motivation & Find Your Greatness

What is Your ‘Why’

Most Network Marketing Companies teach this already and it’s amazing how many network marketers take it for granted.  Your Why may be the only reason you will keep going after life punches you in the face – and really, life will punch you in the face.

If you can’t seem to find any more drive in you to keep going forward, you need to go back to your why. Find a reason bigger than you, and you will never lack self-motivation.

I was able to clearly articulate and write down my personal vision (my why) several years ago at a peak performance workshop with Lanre Olusola (The Catalyst), and although I had been playing around with the ideas in my head for a while, just writing them down on a sheet of paper really fired me up.

Your Homework – Do This To Find Your Greatness

Take a sheet of paper or fire up your word processor, and write down your why. If you have never done this before, think of what your success in your business will enable you to do. Why must you be successful?

And if you already have your why, what you need to do is to write it down again, and place it somewhere you will see it everyday. eric thomas greatness is upon youYou will never lose motivation when you constantly look at your vision day after day.

Anytime I think of my Why, I’m instantly motivated. I lose sleep over my Why, I stay up all night at times. My Why is more than making millions of dollars, it’s about impacting not just millions of lives and destinies, but nations.

There are thousands, if not millions of people who’s destinies will not be activated if you don’t find your greatness and step into it. Your Walking In Purpose and achievement of Success is what will trigger and inspire countless other people to change their lives and step into their true purpose as well.

Your Success is not just a cool thing for you to achieve, it’s a life responsibility. Greatness is Upon You, You Better Act Like It!

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      What a great video. Gave me goose bumps. So motivational! Thanks for the share Adeposi!

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      WOW…. Greatness is upon us all…. what an incredible video, especially for so short…. thanks for sharing Adeposi…. you rock

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