Who would have thought that one could pull out a lesson on success and life from ‘getting drenched’ in the rain?

Well, that’s what I experienced yesterday afternoon coming back home from church.
I was on a bike and it started to rain. We stopped and ran for cover and when the rain subsided a little, we continued our journey, just to get caught in the shower after only 30 seconds of getting back on the road.
We stopped for the second time and ran to a shade. This same funny but annoying scenario happened about four times before I said to myself, ‘Boy, you’re already wet so you might as well get home on time even though you would be drenched’.

So I told the ‘okada’ rider to keep moving regardless, and boy was I soaked to my ‘boxers’.

I got home in no time, and to my amazement, everywhere was so dry, no single droplet of rain had fallen in my area. I certainly scared a few people, my mum inclusive, who thought I must have fallen into a ditch or something like that, as I was the only one who was strangely drenched, head to toe. . . lol.

So what lesson did I pull out of this?
Just like the rain kept starting and stopping, so will challenges come and go repeatedly in your life and business. It is up to you to determine to move on regardless. When life gives you lemons, it’s up to you to make lemonades out of them, right?
I initially was going to get angry at why I was so unfortunate to be on the road at that time, or why life as just being mean to me, but I just decided to move fun, get home on time and have fun with the situation regardless. I probably would have been delayed for hours waiting for the rain to stop, but because I moved on,
1. I got home on time to rest and prepare well ahead for the beginning of the week
2. I definitely caught some fun getting soaked to my socks (remember the good old days of playing in the rain). So I thought of the ice-bucket challenge and this somehow felt like I was nominated for an impromptu rain-water challenge by nature, after all, I ended up getting drenched too.

3. When I got home, everywhere was dry, and so is success after toiling, and rest after labour.

It’s always difficult to remember the pains of the struggle once you have reached your destination. Because, it’s so worth it!

I said in a previous post that success happens when your dreams get bigger than your excuses, and that is so true.
Regardless of whatever situation you find yourself, you can always find something positive to make out of it and there’s always room for a little fun along the way.

Keep it positive!
It’s your life . . . Make it worth living!

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    • Favor Sunano

      Beautiful! Thank you Adeposi.

      • atmokupe

        Awesome. I’m glad you found some value from this

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