Ever wonder what separates high achievers from average people? It’s a decision to do more than just getting by.


Everything you were taught in school and from society is to enable you get by.
Getting by means making enough to pay the bills, educate your children, have clothes on your back and a roof over your head . . maybe take yourself and/or your family somewhere nice once in a while. Anything else is pretty much ‘out of range’ according to the rules of getting by.

I call this SURVIVAL. Nobody ever got fulfilled on survival. People in survival mode do not like to take risks because they fear failure. They do not strive to come in first place or win the olympics or become very wealthy. They are content with JUST ENOUGH.

Just enough income so the landlord doesn’t throw them out .
Just enough effort so they don’t get sacked at work
Just enough keeping in touch so people don’t forget them
Just enough time with their kids so they don’t grow up to see them as strangers
Just enough to live and arrive at their death bed safely. 

That’s just Boring!


But there is another crop of people, the 2 percenters.
The movers and shakers who do not settle for anything less than greatness.
The crazy ones who believe they were born for something greater than merely passing time. .
Those who in spite of fear, summon courage and JUST DO IT anyway,
They are those persevere through diverse challenges and keep on pushing until they pull through.
These ones do not allow the noise of society’s naysayers to drown their inner voice, rather they follow their passion and chase their dreams regardless.

Success is a MUST for those who get ahead and a mere WISH for those who get by.

I know what side you belong because you reading this blog post is a sign that you want more out of life. But You have to do something about it.
On any scale, you must always review your decisions and check if they are decisions based on getting by or getting ahead.

Don’t just get by . . get ahead!

To your Future!

Adeposi Okupe

PS: For Serious people only!
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Be Financially free!

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