Welcome to part 2 in this series on Crucial Transitions in Business between yesterday and today.

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Crucial Transitions in business between yesterday and today – Part 1 

Today, more than ever before, the right kind of leadership is necessary if your business or organisation is to thrive in this increasingly dynamic and demanding economy.

It’s all about Leadership.

As John Maxwell asserts,

Everything rises and falls on Leadership.


You will not get ahead today by simply dishing out orders and deadlines to your employees with penalties for defaulting. It just isn’t the way things are anymore. Employees work harder when they see the executives with rolled-up sleeves. You must effectively communicate your vision to your organisation, and also GET IN THE TRENCHES and work visibly and even harder than your workers in realizing the same goal or task.

The office has transformed from a mental extraction room to an ideas collaboration hub. Leaders are no more the know-it-all gods of the office. They are now accessible, and in many cases, unusually social and informal. Many bosses now operate an ‘open-door’ policy with some even taking it as far as physically removing the doors to their offices to enhance the openness by literarily removing all barriers to access them.

Today, as a leader, you must set the standard of performance and productivity in your organisation.

The speed of the pack is determined by the speed of the leader
Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you want your team productivity to increase, you must raise the bar yourself and your team will follow suit.

It’s DO AS I DO and not DO AS I SAY.You are constantly being watched and modeled after.

As in the first transition, some companies already were positioned well and they experienced exponential growth at the turn of the new era. A good example is Wal-Mart.

Sam Walmart created a culture of friendship, openness and transparency which when multiplied by their competitive advantage – lowest price bargains, made Walmart the largest organisation worldwide.

Wal-Mart Vice President, Don Soderquist, explains the foundations of Wal-Mart’s success in his book ‘The Walmart Way’. He recalls that Sam maintained that he wanted to be called by his first name and not by title. When they would travel for company conventions or events, he would insist that they book the air tickets well ahead of time to get the cheapest prices and he made sure their accommodation would be a low-cost hotel or decent motel and he would share rooms with a junior staff.

This exemplified the Walmart culture of saving costs any and everywhere possible, and definitely had a positive impact on the overall psyche of the company staff.  He would use the opportunity to know his employee (most likely a ground-level staff that would naturally tremble at the presence of the CEO), learn about his challenges and also affirm his vision for the company.

It worked like MAGIC!!

Take away points:

Look at your business today and see if you are leading from behind or from the front.

  • Are you dragging the cart or are you being pulled by it?

Your organization will be more productive now if you are actively involved in the company activities. Your team members or employees will work harder and passionately when they can see you working passionately on the overall goal.

  • Embody your brand values

Do as I do and not as I say! Let your organization see you doing the things you want them to do. Live out your personal or company values and others will follow suit.

Stay tuned for my next post on the 3rd transition in business today!

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