Why am I all about how to Connect with your audience today?

Well, flash back to November 2014 I attended a free live webinar training where I learnt the secrets to Webinar Marketing with Webinar Guru Steve Jaffe, I ended up making a purchase on the spot for the 5-week live online course for $500, even though I was seeing Steve for the first time in my life.

But more than the value of the training and what I learnt, I was wowed by how this guy just seemed to connect with me on so many levels, and making the decision to buy was so natural and effortless on my part, to my amazement.

Months later, I learnt the secret strategies top earners use to connect with large audiences in presentations and training that results in massive sales and enrollments into their programs.

There are many high-level techniques used by top earners that you can use to connect with your audience but I’m going to show you 3 secrets that you can start applying immediately to get more results with your marketing campaigns.

3 Secrets To Connect With Your Audience [VIDEO]

Start Implementing These Right Away

Pay close attention to these tips to connect with your audience and read with the intent to apply them in your business and also teach others – that’s the fastest way to learn a new skill.

1| Smile

Sounds obvious right? But it’s actually a secret. I’m not talking about just appearing to be friendly, I’m saying keeping a great smile all through your presentation.

Except maybe you’re selling a product for sad events like burials, why not put on a contagious smile while delivering value in your videos and events?

Do it consciously. You will feel awkward at first, but it’ll grow on you. I understand if you feel the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and you need this online business to work or else _____, but you are not going to attract the people who will buy from you if you don’t appear welcoming and confident, but rather reminding your prospects of their mean high school basketball coach. That’s not what you want, right?

So Smile!

Your customers are more likely to feel comfortable doing business with you if you are smiling and happy than if you look frustrated and grumpy.

Confession: Now smiling isn’t something that comes naturally to me, but I’m working really hard on it. Believe me when I recorded this video I thought I was really smiling, but it didn’t turn out as much as I thought. . lol! I guess it’s manageable although it can be a lot better. Let me know how I’m faring in the comments below this post.

Smiling is so attractive and it actually boosts your confidence level, which has a high effect on your business results.

Even if you’re doing an audio podcast, your smile will reflect through your voice and it help you to better connect with your audience.

2| Speak Directly To One Person.

tony robbinsI know you have a huge vision of having thousands of people in your list and thousands of customers and clients, but even you are targeting a huge market, you need to speak directly to one person in your communication.

At any point in time, speak as though you are talking to one particular person and you will engage faster.

Speaking to directly to one person (as you can tell in my video and even this blog post) helps you bet more personal in your communication, your reader feels like you’re talking directly to them and they develop rapport, and get to like and trust you faster.

Quick tip on speaking to one person at a time – Don’t generalize! 

Reduce your use of phrases like ‘all of you’, ‘most of you’, and statements that imply you are talking to a group of people, and consciously direct your communication to one single person – Your Avatar.

Your Avatar is your ideal prospect. Imagine your avatar is sitting across the table from you and you are coaching them. Keep this image in your mind as you write your blog post or record that video or audio.

This will also help you to communicate better and connect with your audience as you are more comfortable talking to one person than an auditorium filled with 500 people.

3| Get More Yes’s Before You Ask For The Sale.

Always remember that you are leading your audience on a journey that will end in them doing business with you, buying your product or joining your team.

You need to get them to agree with you on many grounds before you eventually present your offer. By doing this, you are conditioning them to say yes and agree with you.

It’s easier to say a final yes to buying your product if they have been nodding or agreeing with you all along. This is one of the things that happened in the seminar I told you about with Steve Jaffe.

You might have noticed Tony Robbins ask his audience to respond by saying ‘I’ or saying Yes. Every now and then, you need to take the opportunity to get your audience to agree with you on something – anything.

You can ask them to raise their hands (webinar platforms offer this technology now), say things like ‘Are you with me?’ and ask them to take an action or drop a comment if they concur.

More Resources On How To Connect With Your Audience

Was that helpful? Now you know a bit more about how to connect with your audience. It’s time to take action.

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    • Gary Bledsoe

      Awesome Points!!! The Next Time I Speak In Front Of A Live Audience, I Will Remember These Points!!

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      Wow, thanks for sharing this. I once heard Steve on a webinar too and was very impressed. Your tips are awesome. I am planning on doing more webinars myself and your post today has helped me a great deal.

    • Liz English

      Thank You Adeposi for these great tips on how to connect with your audience. It does always help when you smile when your talking to someone it makes them smile back. You always talk to people differently.

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      These are very helpful tips on connecting with an audience. Great value! Thanks, Adeposi!

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        You’re welcome LuAnn. Thanks for the comment.

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      Thanks for sharing this awesome tips, you rock!

      As someone who wants to connect with my audience and win their trust, I find these tips really helpful.

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