Ah! Closing The Sale = Adrenaline Rush . . . a lot of times! Can you count how many times you have gotten to the end of your presentation and frozen when it came to closing the sale? I’d say many.

If you feel like entering into the ground or just disappearing when it comes to asking for the sale, you are not alone. .

I’ve been there and so are many others too at this moment, but I’m going to share four very simple but liberating mindset hacks that will shift your perspective and also instantly boost your confidence level in asking for the sale.

How on Earth Would They Join You, Or How On Earth Won’t They? Watch The Video Below To Help You In Closing The Sale

So while you’re learning all the sales techniques and closing scripts, the following Simple Mindset Hacks will help you tremendously in closing the sale simply by boosting your confidence level and increasing your posture.

Pay Close Attention!

1| You need to believe 100% that what you have can help the other person.

Yes I know your company has the best compensation plan, product line up and your team is the best. But one more thing in this beautiful list that you need to check is if you’re talking to the right person.

I mean, what good is a weight loss program to someone who is looking to gain weight. . fast? And a blogging product is probably going to be very useful to someone who is looking to start an online business!

You see why you need to be talking to the right person? Are you with me?

If you don’t understand this, you will waste so many hours and energy shooting in the wrong direction.

Tip: The only way you can be 100% authentic and confident in closing the sale is when you are certain that your product or business is the solution to your prospect’s pain point. Period.

2| We know you care, but you only get what rewarded for your results, not how big your heart is.

This is an A-ha moment on so many levels. Read that statement out loud 3 times if you need to. . that’s how important it is!

I know you care about your prospects and you want to empathize with their current situation, but you also need to know that you only get paid for your productivity.

Tip: If you prospect 100 people and end up only encouraging them but not closing the sale, you make no money, and congratulations, you just gave them the fuel they needed to join your competitor’s team.

We all care about our prospects, but what you must realize is that Closing the sale is actually you giving them an opportunity to make their dreams become a reality.

Change your mindset from making money from them to actually helping them achieve their goals and your confidence level will increase and you will find closing the sale much more easier and natural.

3| Make the sale and stop doubting yourself

It’s time to get rid of those limiting beliefs.

You think, ‘Who am I to succeed with this?’
I say, ‘Who are you not to succeed with this?’

It’s funny that you get so excited about the potential explosive growth you can have on your team but there’s a very thin line between excitement and fear and you need to iron that out as fast as possible.

You MUST believe in your self, that you will succeed with your network marketing business and in your leadership ability to help your prospect hit their goals.

Let this belief will shine through your communication and let them buy into that belief. Many more prospects will join you because they identify with your belief in yourself and in them as well.

4| They’re going to buy from someone anyway, why not you?

Stark Truth! Listen.

You are doing your prospect a great disservice by not closing the sale and asking them to join your team or buy your product.

The reason is that if you don’t, you have only succeeded in doing all the ground work and heavy lifting for the next person who will prospect them.

You find those people once in a while who say they’ve been looking at the industry for a while but haven’t really got started. Many of them were once exposed but the distributor didn’t close them and only succeeded in making the job easier for you.

You don’t want to be that guy! The one that does the heavy lifting for others with no results to show for it.

Make Closing The Sale A Priority.

It’s exciting, You should always look forward to it because you know you are going to offer someone the opportunity to change their life forever.

And that’s a wrap!

I see your confidence level going through the roof once you apply these quick simple mindset hacks to close more sales.

Was that helpful? Hopefully you will apply these tips next time you are out prospecting. Remember, closing the sale should be exciting not scary. . lol

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    6 replies to "Closing The Sale: 4 Mindset Tips To Instantly Boost Your Confidence"

    • Lisa

      Hey Adeposi!
      These are great tips! I love number 4…they are going to buy, why not from you? People are so unsure and insecure. I just think about it this way: what is the worst thing that can happen? They say No?
      And number 3 is great as well. Your tips just says it all.
      If a person has a business, well then, be in business!

      • atmokupe

        Awesome comment Lisa. Thanks for the added insight.

    • Mike Hobbs

      Great mindset tips, Adeposi! “Iron out that fear as fast as possible.” Thanks for helping us build up our confidence with closing.

      • atmokupe

        You’re welcome! More confidence = More Yes’s = More Success.

    • Lorraine Menza

      So true, if you have presented something of value to someone else and do not ask for the sale; they will join or go to someone else who is not afraid to ask!

      • atmokupe

        Yes Lorraine. Leave nothing on the table.. except the tip for the waiter 🙂

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